Fanta To Launch Want It Win It on April 1st

Posted on: March 20th, 2008 by Jason 14 Comments

Every year Fanta run a massive competition and 2008 is going to no exception as on April 1st they’re launching a great new giveaway. It’s called Want It Win It and the competition is running in association with The competition will run from 1st April for 12 weeks – and there are loads of prizes up for grabs. In fact there’s 1 prize to be won every 15 minutes.

The competition will feature on cans and bottles of Fanta. Codes will be required and these can then be entered into the competition either via SMS or online.


There’s currently no details available at Fanta but keep an eye out for those special packs – and the competition starting from April 1st!

  • rchlbentley

    Ohhhhhh great i missed out on the last fanta promotion so will be giving this onme a go.

  • JackieJ

    Great news. Let the Fanta hysteria begin.

  • LazzyC

    Can’t wait. Bring it on!

  • julespage72

    oh no we are all going to have Fanta related ocd again!!

  • jojangles

    Fanta will give “consumers the chance to win every 15 minutes between 10am and 10pm daily for 12 weeks from April 7 2008. To maintain relevance to the target audience, the prize pool has been crafted to include items from all major teen passion points including, gaming, music, movies and more.

    All prizes will be supplied by PLAY.COM, including games consoles, digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, CD’s and DVD’s as well as others. This is the first time ‘Fanta’ has partnered with PLAY.COM.

    Special codes will be found under the ring pull of 330ml cans and on the reverse of label on 375ml and 500ml bottles. Promotional packs, created by Epoch feature icons of the prizes on offer, bursting from the ‘Fanta’ logo to reinforce the brand as the facilitator of play. Each member of the ‘Fanta’ crew will hero a certain prize genre on pack depending on their personality. AKQA has developed a new promotional microsite within and there will also be a co-branded landing page for prize winners on PLAY.COM.”

    Hope there is an NPN entry route!!

  • kiddles

    Great news – can’t wait

  • Hels76

    Never won last time, heres hoping i’ll be lucky this time!!

  • Suzysnowball

    I never won last time, so definately will be going for it this time – as long as there is a NPN route, we dont drink pop – well only on a Sat Night with Vodka in it and then its Coke 🙂 fingers crossed for lots of duck winners

  • carolesul

    Here we go again 🙂 I love Fanta

  • chelle33

    What more can i say but heres to fanta tastic LOL 🙂

  • stormy1051

    Maybe i’ll have better luck this time LOL


    Don’t let lucidlupin see this!

  • Try checking the date ;o)


    Whoops, I dont know how on earth I ended up commenting on this though, I didn’t search for it. Sorry Jason, as I said in the fanta thread…Im off to the corner with my dunce hat on. Please forgive me…lol.