Fantasy Football 2007/08 Kicks Off

Posted on: August 3rd, 2007 by Jason

The football season gets back underway next week and that means you only have a week or so to pick your fantasy football teams. Unfortunately Fantasy Football games put off a lot of compers even though there are usually a fair few free to enter games with great prizes to be won monthly and for being the top manager. Even the discussion about in our fantasy football forum is quiet!

However, it doesn’t have to be this way! The biggest drawback to Fantasy Football is cost. The good news though is that there are a number of free games for you to take part in (for example Ladbrokes, Metro, Sport-e and Virgin Media). If you’re feeling brave and are happy to spend a few quid in joining a league then you have a choice of Classic Fantasy Football, The Sun Dream Team and The Telegraph.

So you have you free games, but you don’t know anything about football! Well, you can still enter a team even if you’re completely clueless about Torres, Owen, Ronaldo, Walcott or Terry. Most games now allow you to get a random set of players so you don’t have to pick them yourself. OK, they may not go on and win you a prize, but it’s often a good starting to point to developing a team. You should be able to swap any players you don’t like and end up with a team capable of taking on allcomers.

Don’t forget you can also join mini leagues (and there are some Loquax mini leagues set up, details are on the forum) and compete against friends so that should give you added incentive.

Of course everyone wants to win prizes though, and there are a wide range of goodies to be won by playing the free games. Metro for example are offering £40000 in prizes throughout the season (£15000 to the top player). There’s a £20000 top prize in the Virgin Radio game and a bumper cash prize of £10000 and two tickets to see England play in Euro 2008 in Austria / Switzerland if you top the tree with Virgin Media. As well as the big prizes there are also monthly prizes too for the best manager.

As there are monthly prizes on offer it’s worth making the effort throughout the season. Quite often a lot of fantasy football players lose interest as the fortunes of their players take a turn for the worse. Our advice is pick one or two games to take part in (you can play more, but you often lose track of transfers, points and teams). Stick with it, even if you’re not doing well (just use your transfers wisely), keep an eye on the sports pages and make sure all your players are performing.

These are long haul competitions, and that often means with a bit of research, a lot of luck and Michael Owen not being injured you could be winning a few prizes come May 2008.

If anyone has any fantasy football tips then feel free to add a comment – and if you’re a keen fantasy footballer or want to chat to other fantasy football compers then visit our fantasy football forum!

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