Gambling Commission Delay Devon Estate Competition Winner

Posted on: October 16th, 2008 by Jason 2 Comments

On October 12th we told you that the Gambling Commission were starting to take an interest in win a house competitions. We also told you the 16th October would be the date when the winner of The Oldborough Estate. However, little did we know that The Gambling Commission would intervene in the competition and this has caused The Wilshaw’s to suspend announcing who has won their Devon Property with Fishing.

A statement about the winner announcement delay is given on the official website and they say that “The Gambling Commission have begun looking into the concept of House Competitions” and as part of that process the Commission “have asked for more information on the Competition question”. The Wilshaw’s say they had spoke to the Commission about the matter in March.

The question asked related to the cost of a fishing licence. The Wilshaw’s are claiming that as only a small proportion of the population would know this immediately then that constitutes skill and “prevented a significant number of people from participating in the competition”!

However, according to Outlaw “anyone entering the wrong answer on the website was told to try again. No money was taken until the correct answer was submitted”.

All everyone can do now is await the rulings made by the Commission!

For the people who paid £25 to enter the Devon Estate competition all they can do now is sit and wait. The Wilshaw’s have said that “the worst case scenario is that all of our entrants will be issued with a full refund if the draw does not go ahead”.

It’s a shame that the house winner has been delayed and that The Gambling Commission decided to investigate at the 11th hour. However, with so many new win a house competitions underway there’s a real need for better guidelines for promoters.

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  • madmadscorpioman

    Work this out if you can, my interpritation is that if you can put an incorrect answer in and still pay that is the element of skill, ie you pay but do not enter, the wilshaws site would not take your money until you got the answer right and i think that is the problem, then what do i know (:

  • Consultantwan

    I think the fundamental mistake they may have made is not allowing wrong answers to be charged. If I rang GMTV and gave a wrong answer (unlikely I know since they ask the most ridiculously simple questions that even my 5 year old can answer without thinking) then you would still be charged the “entry” fee. On that basis then lets say (for the sake of argument) that 46,000 people entered and only 30,000 answered correctly then they would have still reached the required quota and the odds for those who answered correctly would have been considerably shortened. However that would have left 16,000 people extremely naffed off that they had paid £25 and didn’t even have a chance of winning.. but.. I don’t see how the gaqmbling commission could have then queried any aspect of the competition. I am still hoping that they see sense and allow the draw to go ahead.. I’m still picturing Christmas by the Lake. It will be such a shame if the draw is deemed unlawful. The Wilshaws have worked so hard and I genuinley believe that in addition to the obvious motive of selling the property for the price they want and retiring they have truly wanted to see someone have a dream realised, someone that would otherwise have no hope of ever realising such a dream. Lets hope the gambling commission see it that way too!!