Get Creative To Win £1000 With LoveHoney

Posted on: February 1st, 2011 by Jason 3 Comments

Creative competitions often are low entry but they do come with big prizes, for example Firebox Inventor and Mornflake Advert which have featured on the blog. Another such competition has just launched today is from adult store LoveHoney (think Ann Summers and you’re on the right lines). They are running their annual Design An Adult Toy Competiton.

Take up the challenge and you could win £1000!

Dubbed as “Britain’s Got Sex Factor”, LoveHoney are looking for suggestions and ideas that will wow the judges, Bonny Hall and Tracey Cox. You don’t need to be graphic designer or genius inventor to take part either.

Last year’s winner Jenny Smith confessed that she was “truly useless at art” and had “no previous design experience. You can read about Jenny on the site and she has some useful competition entry tips for you too.

You need to login to LoveHoney to submit your idea, just make sure you give plenty of information and include some diagrams. The good news is that you’ve got until the end of June to come up with something.

Remember the prize is £1000 but if your idea is really good then you could be earning a few quid off the sales of the item. Last year’s winner is currently in development, although all profits are going to go to Brain Tumour UK.

So is this a competition for you?

Well, it’s going to need a bit of creative thinking and a bit of effort – automatically that means a lower than usual entry level and that means a good chance of winning. The subject matter isn’t going to appeal either (compers are much too busy for any of these kind of shenanigans surely?) so that’s another thing to consider.

Before you ask, no we won’t be entering this one – our idea of a naughty duck has sadly already been in existence for a very long time.

If you prefer being creative in other ways, perhaps writing a poem or story, posting a recipe or drawing a picture, then there’s a number of other Creative Competitions on Loquax.

  • keriku

    I love when I win a comp via the creative route eg writing a poem.Don’t think I’ll be entering this though……

  • felixthecat

    I like a challenge and a different one at that.and this is certainly different lol…….now what the hell can I come up with he he he

  • Arwing904

    I get really creative after 6 cans of SKOL Super… I get an inability to aim straight at toilets and the power of meaningful conversation with lamp-posts, electricity boxes and other street furniture. Road cones are also strangely attracted to my head and I always end up looking like a wizard…. Sort-of. Can i win things for that? More SKOL Super perhaps?