ShareMyPlayLists, Spotify & Win a Playstation 3!

Posted on: April 3rd, 2009 by Jason 1 Comment

Spotify is the new online music sensation that offers users access to free music. You simply register an account and can start listening to loads of top albums (and some not so top) for free. The site is financed by advertising but if you want an ad free experience then there are subscription options. Spotify is a great tool to have whilst you’re online and it can run in the background whilst you reading the forums or entering competitions.

One feature of Spotify is that you can create your own playlists. By dragging your favourite songs into folders you can have different playlists for different moods. It may be love songs, songs from the 80s, banging drum and bass, classical, or a mix of everything. It’s your choice!

Ever wondered what other people have on their playlists?

A new site Share My Playlists currently features nearly 700 different playlists from Spotify users, including a fantastic selection of Duck Music created by Loquax!

Win a PS3

To encourage people to share their playlists the site also has a competition to win a Playstation 3. For the chance to win you need to join Spotify, create a “well thought out, original and innovative” playlist and let Share My Playlists know about it.

It’ll take a while to enter this competition so entry levels won’t be all that high compared to a free prize draw. However, if you love music and fancy being creative and innovative then there’s a good chance of picking up a free PS3! Closing date for entries is 2nd May so you have plenty of time to join Spotify, create your own playlist and then enter the competition.

Perhaps you could create a “music to comp to” playlist or perhaps one to “give you a boost when not winning”!? If you do enter let us know so that we can see if your tastes are as good as ours!

Win a Playstation 3 at Share My Playlists

  • DCLane

    I’m just starting to use this – previously I’d been using Pandora (now blocked outside the US) and then Meemix.