GMTV Resume Online Competitions

Posted on: October 10th, 2007 by Jason 5 Comments

After a tulmutous few months with regards to their competitions GMTV today relaunched their online competitions. Despite the online competitions not being affected by the phone in issues the broadcaster took the decision to suspend all competitions whilst investigations were undertaken into the running of the TV competitions. The latest GMTV online competitions are listed on Loquax.

The decision to resume online competitions comes a week after an announcement on the GMTV website regarding the 250 prize draws that they decided to run as part of their remedies for those unfairly excluded from phone in competitions. The list of confirmed winners is now online. Each person wins £10000.

So will you be entering the GMTV online competitions?
Or has your faith in them been lost due to the phone in problems?

All we’ll say is that given the issues they’ve had with competitions over the last few months, we fully expect that every competition GMTV organise from here on will be run under the most stringent conditions.

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  • daisybooh

    never won on the site but did like these comps as they were easy to enter
    Must admit that dont enter tvcomps now were you have to pay as are expensive or the ones in the papers as think they might have the same problem and dont trust them
    Some times enter some of the cheaper tex ones if its a prize i would like

  • HARRY100

    never received tv / dvd combi won August 2006 in an online comp so will probably give them a miss

  • promoveritas

    Hi GMTV have indeed restarted their promotions, on their website but they seem to be simple prize draws with free entry and very simple questions. This is fine but the question remains who is picking the winners. The industry rules requires prize draws to be selected under independent supervision and that person needs to be independent of the promoter and their intermediaries, so not the web company, the PR agency etc. ( in effect that is why my company, PromoVeritas, exists – to do the jobs that others cannot do ! )

    So if anyone wants to write to GMTV and ask them how they are selecting winners, that would be great.


    PromoVeritas – the independent promotional verification people !

  • beckyboas

    I’ll definately be entering them again. I won 4 tickets to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in London from GMTV.

  • Caz162

    I’m so glad these are being properly monitored. What a way to con the people out of their money.

    I’ll still enter the online ones tho as they have nothing to gain.