Have A Winning Christmas! How To Win Christmas Day!

Posted on: November 15th, 2011 by Jason 6 Comments

Christmas is coming and we’ve already started to notice a few festive themed giveaways. Now many compers will not be interested in Christmas competitions until the advents start (oh goody), but if you want a winning Christmas then now is a good time to start. Why? Because if you fancy winning a tree, turkey or even a hamper then don’t wait for closing dates in late December or even 2012.

Christmas Tree

Let’s Get Decorating!

Forget dragging out last year’s decorations, why not try and win a lovely Christmas Tree instead?. Good Web Guide have a £750 Christmas Stocking prize on offer that includes a Fairtrade Christmas Tree and some decorations. This ends on 30th November. The Eden Project has the same closing date, but they have £500 of goodies to be won. These include fairy lights, Christmas cards and stocking fillers – as well as a tree.

Grab A Turkey!

To probe that you can just about win anything online you can even win your Christmas Turkey. Every year there’s a new competition from UK Turkeys. This year they have 5 hamper prizes that includes the turkey as well as a Christmas Pudding (ends 13th December). Meanwhile, Delia Online has 5 turkeys to be won (ends 24th November), Foodepedia have won worth over £100 that includes the gravy (ends 30th November) and BBC Good Food have 5 up for grabs (ends 28th November).

Christmas Turkey

We All Want Some Figgy Pudding

You may have to try and win a Christmas Hamper if you’re after a Christmas Pud prize! You could try the UK Turkeys competition above or head over to The Guardian by 28th November as their Ivy Christmas Luxury Hamper contains a Plum Pud. Someone needs to tell Vinnie about Good To Know as they have a Fox’s Christmas Pudding and £200 of Sainsbury’s vouchers on offer in their competition (ends 30th November).

Don’t Be Hampered!

A Christmas Hamper can provide a little bit of luxury at this time of year and there are some quite nice prizes around. The biggest is probably the £750 Celebration of Christmas Hamper that Harrods are giving away. This has everything bar the kitchen sink! Send in your details by the 30th November to enter. We now go from Harrods to Poundland. They have a £100 hamper to be won in their Spot the Difference competition that ends 27th November.

Father Christmas

Win Father Christmas!

If you fancy meeting Santa then make sure you enter the competitions to Trips to Lapland. For example, Early Learning Centre have a trip for a family 4 to be won. Enter by the end of November. Worth noting, for Lapland competitions you usually have to travel on specific dates, so make sure you check the ts&cs for those! If a trip to Lapland isn’t your idea of fun so there’s always the chance to win a Bad Santa Outfit over at Joker’s Masquerade. Ends 29th November.

Win Christmas!

Finally how would you like to win Christmas for your family and your village? Go and see the aforementioned Vinnie the Panda from Fox’s Biscuits over on Facebook and nominate your village. There are some voting elements involved in the competition so do make sure you familiarise yourself with them. You have until the 25th November to take part.

And that’s it for this round up – we’ve forgotten the presents, the drinks and the party gear – but we’ll be back with another festive round up very soon!

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  • morrices

    Yes, I’ve noticed a few competitions to win a Christmas turkey. I have entered them but I do have slight misgivings about getting a turkey through the post and how fresh it would be. I suppose it must be OK or they would have been sued!

  • ellenemery

    I entered a few comps to win xmas hampers earlier this week, all here on Loquax.

    I found one this afternoon to win Xmas day but I forgot to write it down when I got up to go to the door. I am going to have to go through all the sights I have visited today to see if I can find it.

    Heres hoping we have lots of Loquax hamper winners this year.

  • brenda.heads

    I have entered a few ‘Christmasy’ comps so far good luck to everyone.

  • pryde

    I have seen and entered a few christmas comps,but I think your wonderful Jason for finding this amount,happy chrismassy comping everyone,.

  • angus1953

    This is going to be my first so hears hoping

  • HelenRobinson

    The year before last I won two Xmas hampers, nothing last year and a small summer one this year so far. Entering anything turkey or hamper related as would love to get another one for xmas.