How Do They Pick Winners?

Posted on: June 22nd, 2007 by Jason 8 Comments

“How do they pick winners?” is one of those ever popular comping questions alongside “how do I know if I’ve won?”, “do people win competitions?” and “do people win at Loquax? MyOffers? Win4Now? A.N.Other Sitename?”. The answer varies from site to site, but Brothers Cider are all for transparency and have actually shown on their website how they went about the business of picking a winner for their recent Glastonbury competition.

According to the site they had nearly 6000 entries for their VIP Glastonbury Tickets. To pick the winners they headed down to the Apple Tree pub, close to the festival site. All entrants were listed on pieces of paper, a sheet was selected at random by a Guinness drinking local, and then a winner was found using the age old pub game of darts.

Brothers Cider - see site for more pictures
Stay out of the black and into the red, there’s nothing in this game for two in a bed – look at what you could have won!

We doubt that this method is used by all online competition promoters, but full marks to Brothers Cider for sharing the winner picking process! Hopefully they’ll keep the page online, even if they do go and run further prize draws.

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  • ully

    How interesting! Now that really is random-fantastic!! Well thought out also.
    I do wish theyd all do it this way and I don`t know if they do, but well, I`m just full of admiration for those Brothers. Time to switch tipples I think lol. Just great!

  • demesio

    I entered this competition,and every other to win festival tickets. Did not get lucky though .I find this method by brothers cider, apt and amusing,Well done to whoever did win.

  • pixie76


  • kirwanboys

    What a brilliant idea! Their competitions department sounds like a great place to work!

  • part-time comper

    Well at least it was totally random. It actually took time and effort too.

  • chelle33

    They all should be done like that! 🙂

  • SandraDJ

    Just as good as any other way. Some people don’t need much of an excuse to get to the pub!

  • dolph1n

    6000 entries would be a good few sheets of paper!