I Want One of Those Launch The IWOOTs

Posted on: July 2nd, 2007 by Jason 1 Comment

We’re always on the look out for fun competitions that perhaps may be low entry and once again it’s an upload competition that’s caught the eye. Gadget store I Want One of Those have launched the IWOOTs – their own little award – and they’re looking for contributions in the form of photos, videos, reviews and ‘things they don’t know’!

The prizes are pretty good too – and includes a 42in LCD TV, Camcorder Package, Digital Camera, Blackberry Mobile and IWOOT vouchers. All winners (in a number of categories) also get a coveted IWOOT award.

The easiest section to enter is probably the “Things We Didn’t Know” – for this they’re looking for some obscure fact. However, it does require originality and do whilst being the easiest to enter, it may well be the hardest to win!

Product review competitions are always low entry! Mainly because people have to have the product and then find the time to create a good quality review. However, if you’re good at writing and can put together something that’s quirky, weird or amusing then there’s a few nice prizes up for grabs.

Most people have a camera, so the photo section may prove to be quite popular. If you have an IWOOT product then start thinking how you can use it to create a cool photo. My own entry – Duckpool Illuminations – is in there and hopefully you’ll be inspired to enter too.

The section with the fewest entries is expected to be the movie section. Already there are some pretty good entries, but don’t let that deter you. Reservoir Elvis and Reservoir Ducks did take some time to devise, record and edit, but was all done in a few hours using a Camcorder and Windows Movie Maker. Most of that time involved getting ducks to “act” accordingly!

In short, this is a fun competition, and whilst it may take you a bit longer to conjure up your entry than say a standard send in your details free prize draw, a good comper knows that it’s the low entry competitions that often yield the big prizes!

  • janewendy

    Reservoir Elvis and Reservoir Ducks are really good.