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Posted on: October 22nd, 2011 by Jason 4 Comments

In Time is the new film starring Justin Timberlake. It’s in cinemas from the 1st November and is about the future when instead of being paid in cash people are paid in time. When you run out of time then that’s not good news as it means game over! On the other hand if you’re rich you become essentially immortal! Find out more in the movie trailer.

A top tip for compers is keep an eye on movie sites and/or their Facebook pages as there’s sometimes a competition – and that’s exactly the case for In Time. We spotted their Facebook page being advertised on a TV advert (just before watching Reading v Southampton) and went to take a look.

And do they have a cool competition!

Starting on 24th October you’ll have the chance to win a year of your life – or £26,000 in financial terms. It’s not your usual prize draw either. In this competition your aim is to “stay alive” but collecting codes!

Once you join the game you will be credited with 24 hours of time – and this will start to countdown in real time. In order to “stay alive” you need to collect codes. These codes will earn you extra time.

The In Movie competition codes can be found at the likes of The Metro, Kiss 100, Smash Hits TV, FHM, Heatworld and 4Music. Londonders have a slight advantage as codes will also appear on London Underground and at Stratford Shopping Centre.

Radio DJs will also be shouting out codes – although we’re not sure which radio stations, presumably Kiss! The person who has the most time when the competition closes on November 1st will win the prizes.

More details will no doubt appear on the In Time Movie Facebook Page on October 24th, but we do think it’s a bit unfair that London folk get access to extra codes! Let’s hope it doesn’t result in them getting an unfair advantage.

It’s a tough competition that will require a fair bit of dedication. That may well put off a few people, but with a £26,000 prize on offer we think it’s well worth a look – especially if you can get in right at the start.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the competition, and hopefully a Loquax comper will “stay alive” the longest to net that big cash prize.

In Time Movie Competition

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  • area

    Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like another “stay up all night” type competition – hope a Loquat wins.

  • arnesbarnes

    Ooh, I’m currently third on the leaderboard! Doubt that’ll last unless I spend the next week riding around on the underground listening to Kiss FM.

  • UKGal

    I registered to enter but don’t have the time to get all the codes so I’ll have to pass on this game.

  • suroben

    Think I ended up eleventh after forgetting about it and not starting at 7am with the rest of them. Unfortunately it has ended in a bit of confusion with the first two places being occupied by a couple, recently 3 people with the same surname all suddenly appeared in the top ten and at the very last minute an accusation of cheating was made. The last thread has been removed from Facebook now. At least when there was a problem with code entry earlier in the week it was rapidly rectified so the result shouldn’t be too long in coming.