Indiana Jones & The MSN Search for Prizes

Posted on: May 1st, 2008 by Jason 2 Comments

MSN are trying to attract users away from Google with yet another competition tie-in. No sooner has The Big Snap snapped shut, everyone’s favourite, albeit slightly older, archaeologist hones into view and becomes the subject of the latest MSN search competition. In fact it’s actually the Big Snap competition but with Indiana Jones in place of Dick & Dom (which has got to be a major improvement).

Indiana Jones at MSN

To enter all you need to do is do a search using MSN. Any search can win one of the many prizes on offer. When you search at the top of the results page you’ll see a banner, if the rotating stones turn green then you’re a winner. You’ll also be told the number of prizes left and when the last prize was won.

Indiana Jones at MSN

Is it worth playing?

Well top prize is a “VIP holiday prize package for 2 people to New Mexico”. You’ll be able to visit the film location for Indiana Jones and receive a VIP guided tour by the on-set manager. The prize includes spending money and 7 nights at the luxury Hacienda resort, Santa Fe. The rest of the prizes are Indiana Jones merchandise and there’s 1000 mobile downloads, which it seems make up the bulk of the giveaways.

It’s a bit of fun, but you might have more chance of finding The Holy Grail than picking up the holiday. Still, if you fancy one Last Crusade then try a few searches, for example ‘Temple of Doom’ – you might just find some buried treasure.

The promotion ends at 8am on 26th June 2008.

  • dancer2712

    I spent so much time on the big snap and won a grand total of zilch. This is the first day of Indiana and hey guess what im addicted again and still have won zilch.

  • DianeA

    Won nothing on the Big Snap search and to be honest found it pretty boring. Don’t think I’ll be entering this one much. To be honest Google is a much better search engine than MSN so think I’ll be staying with them.