Is This The Future Of Internet Competitions?

Published on 30th October 2007

Yesterday we told you about the Argos Giant Jar competition and their use of Youtube to promote the competition – well we’ve found something similar! This is for a US based competition and it’s promoting Peptol Bismol. Up for grabs is $15000 but there’s just a small catch – you have to become the next Pepto Star and upload your video to YouTube to enter. Catch the promotional video below!

This competition doesn’t seem to have that many entries though which given the ‘reality show’ aspect of it and the reasonable prize money is a bit of a surprise. Maybe the US are a bit shy? Anyway, we fully expect YouTube and video to feature more and more when it comes to online competitions, and as ever Loquax will be keeping an eye out to make sure you’re aware of any promotions.

Perhaps we should launch a design a ‘Loquax Advert’ competition? Anyone up for appearing in a Youtube video saying how much they love their favourite duck inspired competition website?

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