Is Too Much Comping Taking The Fun Away?

Posted on: March 9th, 2008 by Jason 15 Comments

One of the things we’ve always tried to advocate on Loquax is that comping should be a fun hobby. By entering competitions online you can surf the web, visit fun new sites, learn new things, pick up great ideas and through forums, like our own, interact and be encouraged by other compers, as well as forming new friendships.

However, is too much comping taking the fun away for you?

If you take comping down to the basics, sitting at your PC and filling in forms by clicking from site to site doesn’t make it sound that a glamorous pastime. There are of course the rewards of winning, but not everyone can win, so it’s important that if you’re going to be comping for sometime that you try and treat it as a fun thing to do.

In recent weeks we’ve seen a number of posts from frustrated compers complaining they’re not winning despite entering hundreds of competitions a day. No wonder they’re not enjoying it!

If you’re entering hundreds of competitions daily, then you’re possibly just trying to win something! Perhaps you’re not paying attention to the rules, or perhaps not even entering the right competitions!

Here’s our suggestions to start enjoying comping – even if you’re not winning the prizes!

1. Start being selective and prioritise! Choose the sites you like and the prizes you would really love to win – and do them first!

2. Read the rules and check your answers! Wasted entries won’t win you prizes and wastes your comping time.

3. Set a time limit! Decide you’re going to comp for a set time each day or week.

4. But, don’t worry about targets! Just because someone says you must do 30 comps a week doesn’t mean you must do it. Do what you can, in your available time.

5. Don’t worry if you don’t win! Not everyone can win every competition – so there’s no point worrying if you missed out. Just enter another one. Once you’ve entered a competition – forget about it!

6. Try answering the questions yourself! Take some of the mundaneness out of box filling by trying to answer the questions. It often doesn’t take as long as you think, and you get the satisfaction of finding out the answers yourself.

7. Keep note of websites you like the look of when you enter their competition – then revisit another day!

8. Be social! Ok, we’re biased and would like you to be active on the forums, but it adds an extra dimension to comping – interaction with other compers!

9. Be inspired! Keep an eye on the latest top winners and be inspired that people are winning. Enjoy the fact people are winning and use that to inspire you to keep trying.

10. Have fun!!!! What other hobby gives you the chance to win cars, holidays, cash prizes, or Lindt chocolate bunnies simply for sending in an email, postcard or text?

All hobbies can become frustrating if you spend too much time on them. Comping is the same! It’s not meant to be a pressurised ‘I must enter everything’ or ‘I must do 30 competitions right now’ hobby – so don’t let it be.

How do you make comping fun? Leave a comment/suggestion for other readers!

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  • ClaireBear78

    I completey agree, Jason, I tend to win the best prizes when I am enjoying entering and doing as you say what time I can spare as an enjoying rather than spending all day at my computer.

  • roseh

    I enter loads of competitions but always for prizes for which me and my family can benefit from, but its not the only dimension to my comping hobby. i love finding comps to post (when I can) and I love hearing other peoples prize winning stories which certainly helps me through the inevitable lean periods that all compers go through. I also love interacting on the loquax forums as well.

  • JackieJ

    All very true. The social aspect of comping is what keeps me going. There are weeks where I hardly enter any comps but spend hours on the forums.

  • elainelane

    It’s like any other hobby, if you feel like comping then do it, if you dont then give it a break. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, not a chore!

  • paulandrach

    Hell dudes, if you can’t spare 30 minutes a day to win fab prizes, you don’t need them!
    I’m personally not a great forum writer as I’d rather be entering stuff, but it helps to kep your spirits up. Good luck!

  • Emmasophie

    I think it’s hard to define the perfect comp, too easy and it’s boring, too hard and I get fed up. I visit the forums quite often and it’s good to be sidetracked from the comps, meet fellow loquats and try to help them as much as they help me. Visiting the forum picks me up when I’m disappointed at not having won for ages -reading wins from people i have got to know on the site spurs me on and keeps me positive.

    There is no doubt this hobby is fun and has enriched my life – I’ve found out about things I would never have heard of or tried and won prizes I could never have afforded, creating great memories and experiences for me.

  • pix

    Ummmm. Had a trail few months ago when I went in for everything. Even having my radio with me all day, swopping stations all the time as was just after the comps. Did this for a month and yes had lots and lots of fantastic wins. But at the time it became a drag. V profitable and shows the more effort put in the more you get out of it. Just balance this and keep it fun fun FUN! :o)

    Good luck all. :o)

  • geniejean

    I think everyone is different in their approach. The last time I was doing comps I was pretty greedy and entered almost everything. However, I don’t anymore- choosing to believe that my comping karma will deplete too quickly if i don’t just go for the prizes I need or want. I know some people do this as a living, but just like nay business you run yourself, that takes alot of commitment. If you don’t find that comes easily, then just remember it is a hobby! I hope to pick up some treats by comping- goodies I can’t afford for the family or gifts for crimbo. I try to keep it perspective. Jason hit the nail on the head when he said “forget about it ” once it is entered- all the more a surprise when you do get a prize in, and you won’t feel tortured by prizes you are missing out on.

  • barboofa

    I agree with all Jason has said. I have been comping on and off for 5 years. At the beginning I tried to enter everything, then realized that’s impossible and it does take the fun out of the hobby. I enjoy browsing websites that I would never have come across if not for a comp. I’ve gained loads of info & ideas through comping. Winining prizes is the iceing on the cake, not the cake for me. For instance I’ve won a campervan hire for a long weekend based in Cambridge so now I’m planning a break down there. I would never have visited Cambridge if not for this win. I got 2 free tix for the flix to see Heartlands and discovered Kate Rusby the folk singer & then went on to buy tix to see her at a folk festival in Yorkshire. It was brilliant. All stemmed from entering comps. So for me entering is always enjoyable, often productive and sometimes I win a prize.
    For some reason it took me quite a while to discover the forums, but now I have I like to read the regular posts, see how everyone is getting on. Listening to some peoples stories has helped me keep any of my probs in perspective. We all have a life to live and this comping hobby can certainly lighten the load. Barb

  • hfleighter

    I only enter competitions where I want to win the prize. However I often win a runners up prize which is something I was not expecting! I always try & find a friend who might value it though – even if I do not.

  • sheena444

    If it gets to be a chore then I do something else-it isn’t long before I’m back again. Maybe it’s just that some people start out wildly enthusiastic, entering competitions for anything and everything, and imagining they’ll win everything in sight, then get disillusioned quite quickly? I’d say that the more patient you are, the more you will get out of entering competitions, but that is only because that approach has paid off for me.


    I agree with your comments Jason,in my first year of comping I went absolutely entering postcard comps, I didn’t win anything for months…so I left it whilst I did revision for law and yipee I had a letter saying I had won a cruise!

    Another thing is….only spend what you can afford, set yourself a budget, many a time have I entered so many premium rate texts…won nothing and had a very nasty phone bill!

  • jude12

    i so agree…i do get cross with people who do radio comps that do not want the prize just doing it for the thrill,there are people who really want that prize,and the greedy people who do it for thrill deny maybe someone who hit hard times and maybe would love a book or tickets to a show…

  • poppyjosie

    While I’m entering comps, I daydream about all the fantastic prizes I’m going to win. It sure makes form filling more fun, if you’re idly wondering where you’re going to put that nice new telly! It’s also good to keep a list of what you have won. It’s all to easy to forget what you’ve won!

  • sylviajoy

    I have been comping for 20yrs. I started when my children were young and money was scarce .I have always treated it as a hobby n a fun thing to do . I enter, forget then enjoy the suprise of a win.