Win An Isis Puzzle – As Seen On Dragons Den

Posted on: April 2nd, 2007 by Jason 2 Comments

If you’re a fan of Dragon’s Den then you’ll be aware of the Isis Puzzle. The creators were after a £200,000 cash injection for 25% of their business from the Dragons, but despite an offer of £200,000 for half of the business, the owners of Isis left the den without their money. This hasn’t deterred them though and the Isis Puzzle continues to grow.

Isis Puzzle

Intrigued by the puzzle, we decided to look and lo and behold even found a competition for you to enter at Isis Adventure. This is a free search and gives you the chance to win an Isis! According to the site “You will need to find a map in order to locate a free Isis. It’s you against the rest of the world, so you will need to act quickly”. It’ll be interesting to see how many other competition sites list this site over the next few weeks!

Back to the Isis – it’s essentially a puzzle. You need to purchase a handmade alloy orb that’s constructed in layers and covered in cryptic hieroglyphics. All you have to do is open it by cracking the combination – and that’s the tough part. Every Isis is unique, and once you’ve found the solution you can then go on and hunt for pyramids full of treasure and if that’s not enough, there are more orbs to buy. Each pyramid contains a gold coin worth £500 and a number of silver coins worth £20 each.

It’s a race against time, so there’s a competitive edge to it all. The orbs though are expensive (£99 at Firebox and The Gadget Shop) and that will no doubt put people off taking part. Players will be able to get clues from the games’ website to help them in the quest to unlock the mystery and find the hidden treasure.

If you fancy something different and want to exercise your brain (and have a few quid to spare) then Isis might be worth a try. If you don’t have the cash, but still want to see if you have what it takes to crack such a devious puzzle then make sure you try the free search puzzle at the Isis site.

  • margaret61

    Had a look at it …………..very complicated!!

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Just bought Mr Midwich one of these for his birthday!… 🙂