J2O Pub Quiz Offers a Trip to Las Vegas

Posted on: August 11th, 2010 by Jason 1 Comment

Friday the 13th will see the start of the second J2O Pub Quiz. This will be a 10 hour competition where you’re going to be pretty clever to deduce the answers (or alternatively wait until someone kindly shares them with you). To get an idea of what you’ll be facing here’s last week’s quiz. From the clip untangle the names of the TV shows.

The answers are Big Break, Lost and Saved By The Bell. There are plenty of clues in the visual and soundtrack elements, although to be fair it’s a lot easier when you know the answers. By the way these are week 1’s answers so don’t be using them for week 2!

So is this competition worth entering?

Well, yes as the prizes on offer are pretty good. The first prize this week is 3 nights in Vegas for you and 3 friends. There’s a JVC Camcorder and a Paintballing day on offer for runners up too. The competition entry window is only short (10 hours) and whilst this may limit entries somewhat, it is being advertised on TV so that may attract a few extra entrants.

You also don’t have to wait around for ages to find out who won either! The prize draw ends at 10pm and the winner is then announced live on Channel 4, the same night, in the middle of the Big Brother Live Interview Show.

Enter the J2O Pub Quiz

  • angel379

    Thanks for that Jason.
    Quite easy question this week, I think!