JJB Sports Celebrate Birthday With 40 Sports Prizes

Posted on: September 8th, 2011 by Jason 1 Comment

JJB Sports are celebrating their 40th birthday and they’re hoping to do it in some style. Not only have they launched a brand new TV campaign – including music from Sonny J (Can’t Stop Moving), they’ve also come up with a massive competition too. They’ve not got one sports themed prize to giveaway – they’ve got 40 of them. To take part all you have to do is head to JJB Sports and send in your details.

On offer are a whole bundle of once in a lifetime sport experiences. These range from include the chance to swim with Olympic Champ Rebecca Adlington or work-out with top fitness trainer Jenny Pacer. There’s also the chance to play a Darts match with Phil “The Power” Taylor in your local Pub, pick up Wimbledon 2012 tickets or grab a pair of Faas signed by Usain Bolt. You’ll also find tickets for Premiership football and Six Nations matches.

Our favourite… well that’d have to be a private dance class at Pineapple Dance Studios for you and a friend… but only if Louis Spence was taking the class… or the tickets to the ASICS tent at the 2012 Olympics Games.

Sport themed competitions aren’t every one’s taste, but with 40 items listed hopefully there’s something that catches your eye – either for yourself or someone in the family. Do head on over to JJB Sports and take a look at what’s on offer as “40 great prizes” doesn’t really cover things.

You have until the 5th October to take part.

By the way, on top of all these wonderful 40th birthday prizes, JJB Sports are also offering some special savings as well. With every order you’ll get a book of savings worth £40. Plus there’s also a Spend & Save promotion running during September and October. Spend over £30 and you’ll get a free £5 voucher, spend over £50 and you’ll get a £10 voucher. Terms and conditions apply.

  • prizes343

    This is an awesome selection of prizes and well done JJB for such a great competition.

    However it is an example of a badly thought out competition. All of the prizes are good but are all VERY different and not suitable to everyone. i.e. a Liverpool fan would be ecstatic to win the Liverpool shirt but if they won the Rangers shirt they would be pretty upset and it would be completely wasted on them; Somebody might enjoy watching rugby but then end up finding they’ve won a pair of boots instead but have no intention of playing; A Welsh fan might be available for the Italy match but win tickets for the Scotland match when they are on holiday.

    I think it would be a lot better if JJB had run 40 separate competitions so people could enter for what they actually wanted and ensured all prizes were won by people who wanted them and could make use of them. It’s like all those silly competitions for “tickets to specific event + expensive gadget”, loads of people just enter for the gadget and then the tickets get wasted.