Join The Loquax Duck League For Fantasy Football

Posted on: August 11th, 2011 by Jason 3 Comments

The new Premiership football may be kicking off this weekend and that means that so does another season of fantasy football. Now for many compers these games are ignored as they take up a lot of time, they don’t know anything out about football, or they think they have no chance of winning. Yet some of the games are free to play and there are some decent prizes on offer.

To give you a bit of encouragement we’ve set up a couple of private leagues so that you can take on other Loquax users “just for fun”. You still have the chance to win the big prizes as well.

1. Metro Fantasy League: The overall winner gets £7500 plus there’s manager of the month prizes too. If you follow them on Facebook and Twitter you’ll also be able to take part in exclusive mini-leagues. The Duck League is for Loquax users and to join you just click on ‘Private Leagues’ and join the friend’s League using this number: 31201!

2. Sky Sports Fantasy Football 2011: This is also a free fantasy football game with £100,000 in prizes. There are even weekly prizes on 50in LCD TVs for the top weekly managers in August and September. Register with Skybet to be able to take part. Join the Loquax League – for fun. Look for the league “Loquax” and use the Pin “8008781” to join the league.

Do we have any tips for your Fantasy Football Team?

The best advice is take a look at who performed well last year and use that as a starting to point. If you’re really stuck then both sites offer an auto team generation option. You do need to keep on top of your team too! Just picking 11 players and hoping come the end of April you’re going to win is a bit optimistic (not that we’ve ever done that). Look out for injuries and make use of transfers if necessary.

If you have any tips for the new season then please post below!

Finally we do have a slightly underused Fantasy Games Forum where a couple of Loquax users like to post. If you’re really stuck then a post in there may get you some assistance.

  • gozo cat

    I’m a girl who hates footie with a passion, years ago the lads at work encouraged me to join their fantasy football league. I picked a few names I recognised and few who were just basically, fitties. Even with one player out all season, Lee Bowyer, I went on to win two monthly prizes AND the entire league! So I would encourage anyone to have a go!

  • suroben

    I’ve tried a couple of years but my total lack of interest in football was quickly apparent. If a player went off with a broken leg you can bet your bottom dollar that the replacement I picked would end up out of action the next week. I got fed up with never being able to keep a team on the pitch despite checking the form guides. Not a situation I really want to repeat.

  • millerlfc

    I did too many competitions last year so this year I’m limited myself to just two – Fantasy Premier League (although due to the site crashing for the last 48 hours I haven’t been able to do a proper team) and Sky Sports.

    Have now joined the Loquax Sky Sports league!