Nokia MiniMo Star In Forrest Gump Film Competition Controversy

Posted on: June 22nd, 2010 by Jason 3 Comments

Movie or advert creation competitions are pretty popular these days but if you’re thinking of ripping off a popular Youtube video in order to try and win a prize, you might want to think again. Below is a video called “Forrest Gump in One Minute, in One Take” which has had almost 3million views since being uploaded in February 2009. It’s a very clever clip (and saves you watching the Tom Hanks original).

Now, check out an entry called Forrest Chump, in a recent student competition held by Nokia MiniMo. They’re very similar. In fact you’d probably go so far as to say it’s a total rip off. However this video won The Critic’s Choice Award in the competition and was described by judge James Mullighan as “truly capturing the spirit of the initiative”.

A comment on the Nokia site indicates that Mulligham was not aware that Forrest Chump was not original.

This film competition was aimed at students who were invited to upload movies created just using their Nokia MiniMo. They had to devise a short film and then hope to get votes to win. The prizes on offer included 4 days at the world famous Cannes Advertising Festival, with £600 spending money! The Critic’s Choice would also have their film screened alongside the Mofilm brand winner at the official Mofilm ceremony!

However, that’s not all! The competition, judging by comments on the blog, has been dogged with issues including the winning entry not adhering to the rules (it’s longer than the designated time requested) and another entry being disqualified for bad language whilst another entry was allowed. To counter this, Nokia have since apologised for the problems and allowed the named prize winners to collect their prizes, but also allow the videos that should have won to win too. It’s the least they could have done!

Quite rightly, the result of the competition has caused a bit of a fuss and you can read what’s going on via Nokia’s MiniMo Blog and Twitter.

The problem regarding the plagarism concerns is ongoing. Via Twitter, Nokia have commented that they “are investigating the #minimo plagiarism concerns and would like to apologise for any issues encountered with voting and moderation”. Unfortunately the big problem for Nokia is that their winner is out in Cannes enjoying their prize!

We’ll be keeping an eye on the outcome of the Nokia investigation, but this competition adds fuel to our discussion that Voting, Facebook and Twitter Competitions are out of control?. This MiniMo promotion should be a case study lesson for promoters as to what can happen if standards are dropped and your competition management becomes sloppy.

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  • SBrunette

    It now says on twitter
    Following an investigation, the #minimo critics award has been revoked-we’re working with MoFilm to select a new winner

  • lorenza

    The same problem seems to have occured on the Dorito advert competition.
    On their Facebook page someone(sore looser) has accused the winner of copying his idea from an ad on youtube that has coke cans in the sky. Also the winner is a professional TV director and producer and as such has not entered as an amateur.

  • lorenza

    the Nokia winner has been brought back from Cannes and not given her prize. Also her university has been notified because if she has entered ‘her’ film as part of her coursework she will be charged with plagiarism and probably thrown off her course, John Moores take a very dim view of plagiarism.