Orange 5th Anniversary Popcorn Prize Video!

Posted on: May 8th, 2009 by Jason 2 Comments

On May 5th Orange unleashed a pile of popcorn and prizes on a number of lucky competition winners as part of their fifth birthday celebrations. At least one Loquax user was in the melee that ensued once the popcorn box was opened.

The nice people at Orange have released a video of the event, together with a bit of a behind the scenes look at how they got a giant box of prize filled popcorn to it’s destination near to the Tower of London.

Over £10000 worth of prizes were given away!

This kind of competition is great as it’s different and it’s fantastic that Orange have put together a decent video (although we’d love to have known what was inside the capsule that gets opened on the clip). If you were at the popcorn event why not let us know how it went? Did you enjoy it or was it a bit of a let down?

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  • flumpypup

    Thanks for sharing the video. Imagine following in a car behind the lorry!!

  • Emmasophie

    WOW – I bet the participants couldn’t stand the sight of popcorn after that. Would love to know what was in the capsule too.