Oscar 2012 Predictions Could Win You A Million!

Posted on: January 25th, 2012 by Jason

The shortlists for this year’s Oscars have been released and the focus will be on predicting who will win Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and the supporting role awards. You may have some idea on who you think will win these categoroes but do you think you could predict all 24 winners of this year’s awards? If the answer is yes you could become a millionaire!

Win a Million

The competition is being held by Blinkbox. They want you to predict every single award winner from Best Director through to Best Animated Movie. If you get every one correct then you could win £1million.

Of course, if more than one person gets 24/24 correct then the cash prize will be shared. You have until the 20th February to make your predictions, but don’t leave it too late as entry numbers are restricted to 200,000! Entrants are only allowed from The UK too.

Entry to the competition is via Facebook.

If you’ve got some movie knowledge then you might feel comfortable about making predictions. If you’re not sure then our advice is to take a look at movie sites like Empire for any gossip as well as bookmakers who will indicate who they think are odds on to collect the awards.

You could also try some kind of scientific approach – poll a group of friends and the answers that are the most popular are your predictions. Statistically if enough of you take part (and have reasonable movie knowledge) then you might have an advantage (you also might not).

If you have some movie insider friends then now’s the time to bend their ears!

Finally, you could always come up with some devilish plan to steal the results from The Academy and use your ill gotten gained insider knowledge to win the million and make some side bets too. Maybe not!!!

You can find all the nominations at Oscars.com and here are some predictions to help you from Indiewire.

Win A Million With Blinkbox

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