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Find out the latest comping news here on the Loquax Blog. If you have something you’d like us to cover or mention then do get in touch (contact us) and we’ll be happy to pass on the information.

It’s been over a year since the current trend of running win a house competitions started. This means that we’re now entering a period where a number of raffles that kicked off last year are closing or are due to close. Disappointingly there aren’t any house prize winners to report as to date only Melling […]

Walkers Crisps used to get a regular mention on the Loquax Blog due to their big prize promotions. For example there was the Bring It Back Campaign with £100,000 on offer and who can forget the Mystery Flavours competition which saw £50,000 cash prizes being dished out. There are more cash prizes on offer in […]

It’s now five years – yes five years – since Loquax evolved into a competition listing service where the comps are predominantly posted by the community. Back in 2013 the site was given little or no chance of survival. A “dinosaur” of a site ready for extinction as one person put it. However, thanks to […]

Now that Christmas is over that means it’s all systems go for Easter! Chocolate Eggs are already in stores and Cadbury have announced that Creme Egg Hunting Season is back. Now usually that wouldn’t be such a big deal as Creme Eggs seem to be in store for 12 months of the year these days […]

Facebook have announced that they’re making changes to their algorithm in order to fight what they regard as “engagement bait”. The examples that they give on their blog include vote baiting using the like, love, hate emojis; react baiting where you like or love a post depending on the question and share baiting. The example […]

2017 will go down as the year that win a house competitions made their comeback. It all kicked off with Melling Manor which resulted in Marie Seager from Warrington taking ownership of the property worth £800,000 as a result of a £2 ticket. Since then countless other properties have been added to our win a […]

Although it’s only a couple of days before the start of December, advent competitions are already starting to build up and some have already started. Back in the day the start of advent season was an exciting one as we’d go off in search of the competitions. These days it’s a lot less stressful as […]

Our look at house competitions definitely attracts quite a bit of attention. The latest comes from a brand new service which hopes to take advantage of the current interest in win a house raffles by giving away a dream home and by offering would-be sellers the opportunity to use their competition platform. The service is […]

Earlier this month we told you about a handful of new additions to the Win A House competitions list here on Loquax. Entry to these competitions varies from £2 to £6 – which when compared to the 2008 range of raffles is quite reasonable. However there have been two new additions to the list this […]

Whilst writing about the car competition that’s currently running at Bingoport we popped into Get Me A Ticket to see how many motors they were offering to entrants. To our surprise we discovered that the site has closed it’s doors. All the giveaways have now ended and there’s a statement on the site explaining that […]