Pick Me Up Shake Up Competitions In An Instant

Posted on: August 28th, 2009 by Jason 19 Comments

For what seems like ages now, every morning there’s been a new competition to enter at Now Magazine, Good to Know and Pick Me Up. The competitions were straightforward multiple choice questions and send in your details, and many compers enjoyed entering these promotions. However, the latter of the trio yesterday shook up their competition section quite literally in an instant.

Pick Me Up Instant Win

From now on Pick Me Up Magazine competitions are now being managed by Data Media & Research Ltd, the company who bring you data marketing competition sites like Win4Now and Instantwin4now. It’s the instant win format that they’re employing on Pick Me Up. What this means is that you now register for the competitions and in order to enter you must select 3 numbers. If your three numbers are the right ones you win the prize.

According to a post on Loquax the chances of winning is 35,937 to 1.

Some of the prizes are on offer for 24 hours only, but if the right number combo is not chosen the prizes move on to another round. The prizes usually on offer from Pick Me Up are still there too, but entry again uses the instant win number guessing format. These draws do have closing dates but if the prizes are not won instantly they then also move on to another round.

Pick Me Up Instant Win

The second round, for un-won prizes, is also instant win, but if no one wins the un-won prizes in round 2 – then (and only then) it becomes a standard prize draw. Phew! We think that’s what happens based on the site information.

Other changes include being able to enter the competitions more than once (you can enter them all daily – and that’s a lot of prizes to try and win daily) and the arrival of those much loved marketing messages. The ones where you can tick boxes to get this, that and the other. These are thrown up in between number selections (“whilst your entry is being checked”) on every single draw. It’s pretty much in the same vein as MyOffers or Clash Prize Draw.

These changes have met with some disappointment!

From a comper’s point of view these kind of competitions aren’t that popular. Whilst no doubt people do win prizes with this instant method or from lead generation sites, they’re often passed over in preference to other competitions where people feel they have a chance of winning and that their details aren’t going to be sold on.

Pick Me Up aren’t the first to take a step into using data generation competitions. In recent month’s we’ve seen The Mirror showing a lot more competitions from MyOffers and Maxim teaming up with TopFox as a replacement to many of their promotions.

From a business point of view trying to monetise competitions is something many publishers find difficult. With declining ad revenues, finding income from other sources is important, plus by outsourcing the competition management publishers aren’t having to look after things themselves, thereby saving a few pounds!

The big question is will more publishers follow suit?

Pick Me Up is owned by IPC Media, and if it’s seen that this new format works – in terms of generating revenue and user interest – then it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a similar roll out to other titles.

Making competitions work for both website and user can be tough to balance. We’re not sure if Pick Me Up have done the right thing in terms of appeasing their audience, but we can’t blame them for trying to earn from their competitions and site traffic. All we can do now is sit and wait to see if these new format works and whether other sites follow the same way.

What do you think of the changes to Pick Me Up’s competitions?

  • splatky

    I usually avoid these sites like the plague.. I thought I’d give it a go this morning though & won a watch… so it is possible to win.. it is just irritating trying!

  • Pick Me Up have made a response to this blog on the forums http://forums.loquax.co.uk/showthread.php?t=277129

  • zoet78

    i think its bad news, a real shame. Hopefully if we all avoid it then it will out other magazines off doing the same.

  • jeanetteb672

    they are so stupid .. I had change

  • kevinwj

    I get enough spam, ooops sorry, targeted marketing emails as it is!! So it’s another site to add to my ignore list.

  • aliali

    I won’t touch it with a barge pole. Bye bye PMU.

  • elainelane

    Pick me up? Not any more….

  • JackieJ

    I’ll be putting down pick me up 🙁

  • ully

    been fortunate enough (in the past) to win from pick me up-maybe 4-5 times. and also been in the mag as well.
    but i dont know… reading about this new approach, sort of puts me off from even going on the site, let alone entering any competitions on there.
    definately not for me anymore.
    pity really, but i can`t be doing with all that spam mail…

  • muffy0

    grr not another magazine willing to sell out it’s readers to make a few quid. It saddens me that they treat customers like this.

  • suroben

    I’ve taken them off my favourites. Can’t abide this sort of ‘time wasting while we try to add you to another mailing list’ comp. GMTV are also running fewer comps now in favour of Active Life, how many boxes will you tick, comps.

  • libra100

    Thanks for all the information Jason, very helpful.

  • daisyduck

    I will not be “picking it up either !” Really do not like this approach.

  • jenna4steve

    oh dear, it wont stop me buying the magazine but i wont enter the comps on that web site.

  • Tiffy10

    I shall still buy the mag but won’t be touching the comps – wouldn’t touch My Offers with a bargepole !!

  • Kopgirl

    I only became familiar with the magazine through the comps but won’t touch it with barge pole now. Suspect they will lose a lot of readers this way-the level of spam will be ridiculous. I first started comping via the win4now type sites and almost gave up due to the junk mail I was getting, only solving it by opening another email account and staying well clear of them from that day forward.

  • MUG31

    I can’t bear this type of ‘comp’ and don’t think I shall be bothering with them

  • flora1632

    i also cant stand this type of “comp” & despite being lucky enough to win with them in the past will now bypass them in favour of other more “traditional” comps.

  • mackemprincess

    Everything happens whilst im, reckon i will b given it a miss from now on too 🙁