Pitch’d To Pop Out Video Competitions

Posted on: August 22nd, 2013 by Jason 1 Comment

The number of social engagement tools and services seems to increase by the day. Everyone knows about Facebook and Twitter but on top of that there are things like Pinterest, Vine, Mixbit, Snapchat, Instagram and even the infamous Ask.fm! Some of these are good news for compers – especially if you don’t mind getting creative – and a new service could be adding to the number of creative contests on social media.

Pitch’d claim to offer “Eye-popping video contests for the world’s most social-savvy brands”. It’s basically a mechanic to allow brands to run competitions using some of the more interactive social networks such as Vine and Instagram.

To see how it works – both as a comper and potential competition organiser – head over to Dullvine. Entrants are required to upload “the world’s dullest Vine, MixBit or Instagram video”. Other users can then tweet and like in order to vote for their favourite. There are also social buttons for sharing entries on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The leading entry is shown above!

For competition organisers who want to get a different kind of engagement within their contests, Pitch’d looks like a very useful tool. User generated content is cool and a good way to really get people involved with your brand. At the back end there’s apparently loads of analytics so you can monitor campaigns.

Looking at the Pitch’d powered contests from a comper’s point of view does raise a few questions. One word that jumps out is “voting” and we all know just how much comper’s love voting mechanics. The analytics offered to promoters do monitor “voting status” so hopefully there won’t be any issues through cheating. One thing we did notice on Dullvine was that none of the entries showed the number of votes cast!

For some compers the thought of more contests – especially anything involving creativity – may be just a step too far. However, video and images do allow brands to do more with their promotions than the traditional prize draw or even Facebook competitions. The good news is that we doubt they’ll be a massive revolution in video comping entries akin to the arrival of Facebook, but we do expect more brands to look to this kind of approach in future.

  • libra100

    I agree that there are new comping concepts appearing all the time. The problem is finding time to enter them. Long gone are the days of logging in at Loquax, finding tiebreakers, email competitions, and following a link to log in at a website which us offering a prize. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopeters, blogs, etc it can become quite confusing, especially for newbies.

    Voting competitions definitely put me off as they do appear to be rigged, and hardly worth entering.

    I enjoy entering creative competitions though as they result in fewer entries.

    Arguably new comping methods may result in more prizes to win, which is great for us prize seekers.