Play Woopi Launch With £703,000 Prize!

Posted on: March 21st, 2009 by Jason 2 Comments

This week The Guardian asked the question Are online competitions worth a hefty stake for a chance to win?. The article initially looks at a couple of pay to enter competition sites before the writer decides to give free to enter competitions a try! A sensible decision!

One of the pay to enter competition sites, Playwoopi is a “win a house” competition site, but there’s other prizes on offer too. There’s a £1million house, £703,000 cash and an £85,000 Mercedes SL500. Ticket prices vary from £5 up to £25 depending on the prize. These are genuine skill competitions as you need to spot the ball to enter.

Will “win £703,000” be any better than “win a house”?

Well, if you look at how well the win a house competitions are doing, especially since many were forced to become more skill orientated, then it’s most certainly going to be an uphill challenge.

The Oldborough Estate competition is the only one to have sold all their tickets, whilst Winalondonpad were 15,000 tickets short of their target for giving away Apartment 1, although they still gave it away. All the other house competitions are no where near completion within their targeted time frames.

Why people continue to launch high price/big prize raffles is a mystery!

Win a house competitions aside in over 10 years of running Loquax, only Best of the Best appear to be successful when it comes to running expensive pay to entry competitions. So many others have started up and so many have fallen by the way side!

It’ll be interesting to see how Playwoopi fair with their new site. It’s a good looking site and the prizes look great, but would you pay £25 to enter a single competition? We think most people would say “no” or at least “no” until the volume of entrants is such so that the prize is either going to be won or a substantial cash sum paid out.

Going back to The Guardian article, the write asks “do I need a competition game plan? Is it a waste of time to enter competitions, free or otherwise?”. Well, we think it’s worth entering free to enter competitions and perhaps keeping an eye on the pay to enter competitions (SMS, Phone and Raffles) as you just never know.

As for a game plan… simple use Loquax!

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  • ully

    Never really been much for pay to enter-for obvious reasons, lol. and especially at such a high cost.
    But i was hearing from a friend the other day that eurolotto, or lotto, forgot which, are going to have a xmas draw at £15 or £20 a ticket and be drawn on new years eve, with 10 people winning a million and then 25 people winning half a million. And i was saying I`ll probably buy a couple of tickets for it, if it happens.
    So is that the same thing?
    Probably no, because theres a lot more winners, rather than just one.

  • jamest

    Website now closed. Refunds within 14 days.