Prize Register Letters Go Localised!

Posted on: January 19th, 2008 by Jason 3 Comments

This week compers have been receiving letters from a brand new localised Prize Register service. Stockport, Milton Keynes, Cardiff, Wigan, Birmingham, Manchester, Portsmouth, Wolverhampton, Stoke on Trent, Torquay, Sheffield and Carlisle are just some of the “lucky” UK areas who now have their own Prize Register. We’re also told there’s a Northern Ireland one too!

The letter, though, is very familiar to experienced compers: You’re told you’ve won something from a list of prizes and to ring a premium rate telephone number to collect your prize or you can contact the UK Prize Register, PO Box 78, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 9ZU for a no purchase necessary entry.

So why is it familiar? It’s because this it is fact are old friends at the Unclaimed Prize Register. These are also known as McIntyre & Dodd Marketing or The Prize Winners Club Or Purely Creative or Strike Lucky Games and all are owned by the same company DM PLC.

If you’re wondering why you’re getting this kind of mail through the door then you can contact DM PLC for an explanation. Apparently, according to information they gave The Guardian, they’re happy to explain to you details of your previous competition entries with them on request.

So should you enter these competitions?

We’d suggest binning it and shredding it. If it’s a letter from the Prize Register or a scratchcard in your newspaper – put them in the bin (or recycle them if you can to be environmentally friendly). There are better competitions to enter and they won’t cost you a penny.

However, if you’re tempted to spend money on a premium call then it’s worth reading the reports from The Guardian and The Mirror, both of whom investigated these offers.

Many thanks to the compers who provided details and information!

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  • Nolocks

    Heres my email to the chairman

    Listen carefully I’ll say this only once. You lot have got some f****** nerve in this day and age of global warning you mail out pure s**** to peoples doors, Do you lot have any heart at all in what this means to the f****** planet when we are ripping down trees so that you c**** can send out spam mail to people, Do you have kids does it not matter to you what you are leaving behind for your kids? when you die. I guess not because all you f****** leeches are interested in is money to go to your bank account so you can go worship the sun in some foreign place..That just typical of you people you don’t take into consideration what is happening to our planet,  What kind of education did you people get? For god’s sake and every other human beings sake give this damn stupid business up and go do something worthwhile to save the planet instead of “ oh yeah I got a great job I look after my kids” yeah right you do?  You’re the kind of people who are going to make sure that our kids fry.

    Jean Francis (yeah right)

    P.s sorry for swearing on the blog bbut they do my head in

  • Don’t hold back… just say what you feel 😀

  • ully

    For the first time, i got one of those letters the other day. and they do look very credible. two years after the guardian article, its pretty bad that they`re still sending them out and seemingly getting away with it.