Read Aloud Dr Seuss Competition for an Orlando Holiday

Posted on: January 24th, 2011 by Jason

If you enjoy competitions that aren’t your usual send in your details then the competition from Seuss Read Aloud might be worth a small consideration. You’re going to need to get a little bit creative to enter this one, but you do have a few months to come up with a potential winning entry. The competition ends on May 31st and the prize is a family trip to Universal Orlando.

To enter the competition you need to video yourself reading Dr Seuss aloud in the wildest, wackiest way you can. The website suggests that you get creative and mischievous and get your family and friends involved too. Extra points will be awarded for imagination, innovation and cat-participation.

This is a voting competition, but we’re not totally clear whether the public vote actually means anything. According to Harper Collins “videos will be put to public vote and the Dr Seuss Grand Judging panel will pick one winner”. However, in the terms and conditions “a panel of judges at HarperCollins will select the winners for first, second and third prizes by 12/06/2011. HarperCollins’ decision as to who has won the competition shall be final”.

With a competition regarding a lot of effort from entrants, let’s hope it’s judged fairly and that the best entry really does win.

Our advice for this competition is to start planning now. Get your Dr Seuss book! Think up some wild ideas, figure out how you’re going to film it, make sure you’re up to speed on videoing and editing, and aim to get your entry in as soon as you can. If the judges are picking based on public vote count you want to make sure your entry has as much time as possible to be noticed.

If the public vote count is irrelevant you still should aim for an early entry – firstly so no one else sends in a similar entry before you do and also because if you leave things to the last minute you’ll probably not bother entering.

Let us know if you send in an entry – and we might include it on the Loquax Blog for all to see.

Enter the Seuss Read Aloud Competition

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