Read Aloud Dr Seuss Winners

Posted on: August 11th, 2011 by Jason 2 Comments

Back in January we told you about a Read Aloud Dr Seuss Competition. To enter the competition you needed to video yourself reading Dr Seuss aloud in the wildest, wackiest way you can. The prize was a family holiday to Orlando. The competition ended in May and the winner has now been announced as The Long Family!

Harper Collins explained why they chose this entry – “we loved your creativity and the effort that went into the performance. We liked the fact that the entire family got involved, you used props and made costumes and your kids learned some´╗┐ of the extracts by heart!”

The video is very good and a worthy winner too. It just goes to show that with a bit of thought, family involvement and a touch of creative thinking that good prizes can come your way. You don’t necessarily need to be a Steven Spielberg on the old video camera either.

What’s also good with creative competitions is that quite often you get to see the winners efforts. Whilst it’s not a good idea to copy them for another promotion, you can get inspiration from what people have done and the standards required to take the top prizes.

By the way to enter the competition you had to label your Youtube entry as a “Video Response to: The Great Seuss Read Aloud Competition”. The number of entries for this one?

Just 132!

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  • tiddles12

    brilliant! Loved it!

  • clare smoker

    Huge congrats to the ‘Long’ family.Very well deserved and i hope you have a fantastic holiday.