Reading Can Help You Win Prizes!

Posted on: May 14th, 2007 by Jason 2 Comments

How often do you read the rules or competition terms and conditions? How often do you check the site you’re visiting to learn about the site and who’s running the prize draw? Do you read the blurb before the competition or do you head straight for the entry form and send in your details and suggested answer if provided? You could be missing out on prizes by not taking a few minutes to do one or all of these steps!

This blog post is part inspired by a current discussion on Loquax forums – Maybe this is why I don’t win????? – and something that cropped up thanks to a subscription service sending user’s to Loquax’s Fight Climate Change site.

A week or two ago we noticed that people were registering on Fight Climate Change (FCC). Sadly, it wasn’t because they were interested in energy saving or being eco-friendly, they were visiting the site to try and win a car. The FCC site contained details of ITV’s current Toyota Prius competition at ITV Climate Change and a link to the site, but despite this people were registering with FCC, not going to ITV and entering the proper competition.

Even after we changed the details compers were still registering. Making it totally clear that they just weren’t reading what was in front of them! Had we not sent them an email and informed them of their error and pointed them in the right direction, they’d have no chance of winning the car!

This though is not the only example. Zoo Weekly now have a social network type blog site, but on their competitions it clearly states “email in your entry”, yet week in and week out people still post answers in reply to the original post. The same thing happens on other sites too including Lastminute’s Something for the Weekend blog (the forums). Compers are missing out on the prize draw simply because they don’t read the information in front of them!

Our advice to all compers is simple – take a few minutes to read!

1. Read the competition blurb, it can tell you about the prize on offer, may contain the answer to any competition question and may explain how to enter the competition.

2. Read the competition question and multi choice answers. Don’t rely on suggested answers as questions may be randomised, or different from day to day! If you’ve read the competition blurb you may already have the required answer in front of you.

3. Check for competition terms and conditions or rules! You may find the tiebreaker you’ve just spent an hour working on has been for nothing as the competition you’ve found closed in 2003. Don’t waste your time on out of date competitions! The rules may also explain any restrictions to entry, information about the prize or any conditions related to claiming the prize.

4. Look for the small print and opt in/out boxes! Remember competitions are run by promoters who may want your details for marketing purposes – make sure you’re not signing up for mobile clubs, book clubs, or accepting third party adverts and emails!

5. Look round the website! A lot of compers don’t do this and it’s something we advise you try and do – some prize draw landing pages don’t fully indicate the type of site you’re visiting. Not only is it a decent thing to do to get to know the promoter (after all they’re running the competition) but it may turn out the prize draw you’re entering is aimed at specific groups or ages! Looking round the site also gives you a feel for the type of company running the competition, and you may find more competitions or, as sometimes happens, that the website hasn’t been updated for months.

But won’t this take up precious comping time? Well, yes, but a few minutes taking your time to enter a few competitions properly is better than entering as many comps as you can, without knowing the sites you’re visiting and even getting disqualified because you’ve not entered the competition properly.

  • charles49

    Excellent Advise, sounds like our teachers at school WHO were correct in telling us to READ the exam question Slowly and reread it

    . Many thanks

  • andreasartplace

    i see now where i have been going wrong than just ticking every box and trying to win every competition in site and thanx for the tips