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Posted on: August 3rd, 2010 by Jason 2 Comments

A lot of competitions are now being run via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Quite often the entry process involves users following or liking, then address details aren’t being passed on. The standard procedure would be for the promoter to contact the winner, ask for their details and send out the prize.

On Twitter the usual process can easily fall apart. The promoter might not accept DMs or the user may not want to send their address via DM. So, as an alternative the promoter could use SendSocial to do the legwork of getting the prizes sent out.

SendSocial is a site that allows you to send anything, anywhere but without having the recipient’s address. With everyone known by their social media usernames these days it could be quite a useful alternative to The Post Office. The video below explains how it works!

The promoter (or person sending the parcel) logs in to SendSocial and enters the twitter name of the winner (or recipient). The winner then gets a tweet from SendSocial that they are being sent a parcel and need to visit the site to complete their details. Once all is complete couriers pick up the parcel and deliver it.

The service is open to everyone by the way, not just competition organisers. So for example if you want to send a friend a surprise gift you can do so as there’s an anonymous option too. Prices are from £2.99!

It sounds a useful service and possibly a great way to surprise a competition winner, especially if the ByBox courier option is used (The Sun). However, we know that compers like to know who’s won before prizes are sent out especially on Twitter where there are issues with cheating (e.g. multiple accounts).

Our advice to promoters would be therefore not to send out surprise prizes. Your winners should be announced on Facebook or Twitter as soon as possible after the competition closes.

However SendSocial could assist in sorting out deliveries to those winners and removing the hassle of asking for contact data via DMs or Facebook messages, that may get lost or missed. Even better as SendSocial collect the items from your premises it saves heading out to the post office too.

SendSocial – Send Anything Anywhere, Without an Address

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