Shake n Vac Your Way to £1000!

Posted on: May 5th, 2010 by Jason 1 Comment

It’s 30 years since the original Shake n Vac, and put the freshness back, TV advert appeared on our screens (well not mine, far too young to remember *cough*). To celebrate the anniversary the original advert has been revamped. Plus manufacturer’s Glade have even dragged in the Grime Twins to help out. That’s John and Edward Grime, better known as Jedward from The X Factor. Fortunately they don’t appear below.

But why are we telling you all this? Well if you think you can do a bit of Shaking and Vac-ing then you could win yourself a cash prize. Glade have teamed up with The Mirror for a competition. There’s £1000 for the best video and £500 for the best photo.

The bad news is that it’s a vote based competition. But the entries with the most votes will then be short-listed and presented to Jenny Logan, the lady in the original and revamped advert, and her judging panel to pick the winners.

The good news is that so far no one has entered (although the competition has just launched). You have until the 25th May to don your pinny, locate where you left the vacuum cleaner before you became addicted to Loquax and entering competitions, and practice those dance moves.

If you do enter, do feel free to post a link below so we can see you in Shake n Vac action!

Enter the Competition at The Mirror Online

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  • shazzyx

    OMG, I soooo remember this ad, lol , was just wondering what kind of vacuum tht is in the vid? Looks really light weight and easy to use, erm am ashamed to say my OH mostly vacuum’s here. Great comp though