Should You Spend Time at The 2 Minute Draw?

Posted on: May 3rd, 2007 by Jason 3 Comments

Recently a brand new competition site called 2 Minute Draw appeared online offering entrants a chance to win £2000 of shopping vouchers. The site claims that it takes just two minutes of your time to enter their competition. However, is there more to this competition than meets the eye?

The prize draw is promoted by a company called “Premier Data Logistics” who specialise in “permission marketing, creating responsive online consumer audiences & delivering successful campaign results for their sponsors”.

The sponsors in this case, we believe are Club La Costa and there are plenty of forums posts on Loquax from user’s who have been far from impressed with their “holiday wins” from this company.

Having attended a CLC presentation in Costa Del Sol a year or so ago, personally from my experience I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. If you’re offered or are told you’ve won a “free holiday” then the advice would simply be to bin it. That’s not to say there’s any impropriety from either CLC or PDL in this competition, it’s simply a case of ‘Compers Beware’! All too often compers will fire off their details in the hope of winning a prize without fully checking terms or conditions.

For example, the website gives no indication that Club La Costa are involved and it’s only in the privacy section that you’re told your details (including mobile number) will be used for marketing purposes. An opt out option to say that you don’t want your details passed on to third parties is not offered either.

However, we’re happy to try these sites so you don’t have too! And we’ve now registered with 2 Minute Draw (which has so far resulted in 3 confirmation emails of the entry). Let’s see what else happens!

  • FlossieD

    Funnily enough, I entered a prize draw recently in person, at the London Food Festival.. The form I filled in was for the 2 minute draw, and just a few moments ago I had a phone call to tell me I was one of 10 winners of that competition, and had won a holiday for 4 people…..courtesy of Club le Costa.

  • wendyvc

    I have just received my “lucky” phone call, giving me an 0800 number to ring to confirm and if I rang within an hour I would get shopping vouchers – funnily enough I wont be taking it any further after reading this. Thanks Jason

  • watfordwend

    I’ve just had a phonecall to say I’ve won flights and a villa for four in Costa Rica. It was my first ‘win’ as well….. I don’t think I’ll be taking it up. Thanks for the advice