Smile For The 12 Days of Christmas Photo Competition

Posted on: November 29th, 2011 by Jason

On the 25th and 26th November, Photobox held their 2nd 24Live competition. It’ll be a few months before that competition runs again but if you’re in need to exercise your creative and photographic juices then make a date in your diary! On the 12th December, will be hosting a 12 day marathon photo competition. It will be called ‘Smiley’s 12 Days of Christmas’ and will take place on Facebook!

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Whilst Photobox’s challenges ran every hour, the good news if you’re going to take part in the Christmas Countdown is that each challenge lasts a whole day. That means you’ve got plenty of time to think about your photo, get organised and do the best shot that you can. Don’t worry if you’ve not got the best camera gear as quite often the judges are looking for ingenuity and creativeness!

To confirm this, we’re told that The ‘Smiley team’ from will be judging and announcing the winning photo for each challenge. They will be basing their decisions on creativity, originality and whether the photo compliments the brand’s ‘Smiley’ theme.

To enter the competition, you must ‘like’ the Facebook page and ‘attend’ the event that has been created for ‘Smiley’s 12 Days of Christmas’. After the announcement of each new challenge you will have 24 hours to snap and submit your photo. Entry is restricted to one photo per challenge; the photo must be taken in ‘real time’ and must not be edited in any way.

The latter rule is quite interesting as quite often photographers will use digital techniques to enhance their pictures. In fact some cameras can do some enhancements of their own (e.g. colour saturation) so it’ll be interesting to see how take that kind of thing into account.

What about the prizes? Well they’ll be 12 fantastic prizes for the winning photos including goodies from The English Cheesecake Company,,, Stanfords and PhotoBox. have even hinted that they might be giving away a holiday!

By the 12th December most people are fed up with the advent competitions so grab your camera, make sure you have plenty of Christmas items to hand and prepare yourself for a fun photo challenge!

Smiley’s 12 Days of Christmas


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