Fame Formula Competition – Win Your Chance to be Famous!

Posted on: August 4th, 2008 by Jason

How would you like to be famous? Well here’s your chance and you don’t have to be on Big Brother or sleep with a celebrity to get your 15 minutes of fame. PR guru Mark Borkowski has written a brand new book called The Fame Formula – a clever mathematical equation to demonstrate what celebs of today need to do in order to maintain their high stock and public profile. To coincide with the book there’s also a competition in association with Borders.

Thankfully Mark has made this nice video for you to watch to explain the competition and you could become famous!

The prize is fifteen months worth of representation by leading PR agency Borkowski – and they’ve worked with some of the top stars like Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, Eddie Izzard, Prince, Cirque du Soleil, Michael Moore, IKEA, Cadbury, Sony, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone. They’ve also worked with Noel Edmunds!

So are there any Loquax users who fancy winning their chance to be famous?

Buy The Fame Formula: How Hollywood’s Fixers, Fakers and Star Makers Created the Celebrity Industry from Amazon!

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