The Open Road Take A New Direction

Posted on: September 5th, 2007 by Jason

Regular visitors to Loquax may have spotted a monthly competition from Classic Car Site The Open Road. They’re celebrating their 10th anniversary by offering visitors the chance to win classic car hire every month until November 2007. Usually the site simply asks users to answer a question, but this month the format of the competition has changed, and they’ve publically stated why!

The problem stems from a paid competition service that offer subscribers a direct link and answer to the competition. The Open Road report that

As the web site organisers are making money off the back of competitions that are free to enter, we regard this approach as being somewhat parasitic


Some people have even been too lazy to check that they are doing the correct month’s competition and have entered the previous month’s answer

To counter this The Open Road’s competition this month is an anagram competition that has no right answer. Whether more sites will start taking similar steps remains to be seen. However, Loquax fully understands the decision and why it’s been taken. We keep saying that compers have a responsibility towards promoters – and that means taking the time to visit the sites and doing the competition for yourself.

There are a number of lessons to be picked up from The Open Road’s stance.

1. Do your own research! Don’t rely on answers being given out by anyone.

2. Don’t complain we don’t give answers! Many people complain to us that we don’t give out answers. Well, this is a good example why we don’t! Firstly we don’t want to give out wrong answers and secondly it upsets the very people who run competitions.

3. Visit the website! It’s the least you can do, plus it gives you an opportunity to check the competition details are correct, read the terms and conditions (and their are some important ones for The Open Road) plus you find out what the site is about. The Open Road is aimed at Classic Car Enthusiasts – did you know that? You would if you visited the site!

4. Don’t Pay for It! Why pay for a competition subscription service? Loquax is free and runs in a way so as to please promoters and compers alike! If you pay for a comping service to do the “hard work” then you’re going to pay for it in another way by potentially being disqualified or promoters stopping running competitions altogether.

For the record Loquax does list The Open Road competition and the link is to the homepage. We hope we promote them and other sites in a fair way, as after all that’s what we’ve tried to do!

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