The Wackness Causes Competition Controversy With Amsterdam & Skunk Prizes!

Posted on: February 7th, 2009 by Jason 8 Comments

A new instant win competition associated with the DVD release of The Wackness, starring Ben Kingsley, Famke Janssen and Mary-Kate Olsen, is causing controversy! According to the official website, inside 1000 copies of the DVD are golden tickets ala Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but it’s not “Charlie” on offer it’s a different kind of drug altogether. If you win one of the trips to Amsterdam for two you’ll also be entitled to a “complimentary bag of skunk from legendary Amsterdam cafe, Hill Street Blues“!

However, according to Sky News the competition is causing controversy. Anti-drug campaigners believe that the PR stunt is unacceptable and that cannabis should not be glamourised in this way. Revolver, the company behind the movie, defended their giveaway by saying it’s something “that will brighten up people’s lives” in the current economic climate!

The Wackness

That does seem a bit of a flimsy justification for adding the drug element to the promotion and it does seem to be there purely for controversy and to tie in with the movie’s subject matter. It will be interesting to see how the media react to the news of this competition and whether the DVD will gain some kind of cult status, especially amongst it’s intended audience. We also wonder if it will even make it on to the shelves for it’s 9th February launch. Interestingly neither or Amazon make any reference to the competition on their sites.

Details of the competition, including a no purchase necessary entry route, can be found on the official move site The Wackness and if you want a copy of the film it’s currently £8.99 pre-order at or £7.98 at Amazon.

Remember if you do win a break to Amsterdam you don’t have to go and collect the “extra” part of the prize.

What do you think? Is this the kind of competition you’d enter? Is it just a publicity stunt and a “bit of fun” or is it overstepping the mark?

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  • Consultantwan

    Personally I think they should “chill out” about it!

    If I win I don’t *have* to collect the *extra* prize… but I can if I want to .. right??

    Ok in all seriousness it is a bit naughty, but cannabis is legal in the coffee shops over there so I’m sure they are not breaking any laws as such and I assume there are age restrictions for the comp, therefore adults are quite capable of making their own judgements with regard to whether they choose to collect or not.

    Personally I think there are far more serious things to get their knickers in a twist about.. such as a top government drug advisor saying that taking ecstacy is no more dangerous than riding a horse!! (WTF??) and the fact that they are going to downgrade it to class B! (same classification as cannabis – which to my knowledge never killed anyone!)

  • peacheyporridge

    ive entered – thats one off my wishlist – including the skunk

  • suroben

    If it was a competition to go to France and collect a bottle of champagne it would be acceptable so why not Amsterdam and a bag of skunk? So long as the prize is legal in the country it is to be collected from and age restrictions are met the only problem is if you wanted to bring the prize home to show your friends.

  • Strepsy

    That comp did make me laugh.

    I’ve entered but you can have the voucher for the skunk if I win peacheyporridge. lol.

  • silverbird

    I think this is absolutely shocking and certainly not one I would enter – whether I have the option of collecting the extra part of the prize or not. I agree that cannabis should not be glamourised and in giving it as part of a prize this is what they are doing.

  • cantBarsed

    From a PR perspective it’s a job well done whatever happens from here on isn’t it? It’d be more fun if the prize was compulsory I think.

  • DarrellJ

    If I won I would give my prize to my local milkman, if you read the BBC you will know what I mean 🙂



  • jgarratt

    Theres nothing wrong with that as its legal in the Netherlands. I’m going to enter the comp anyway!