Try Tiplanking To Win A Home Cinema & Titanic!

Posted on: August 30th, 2012 by Jason

Some of you may well have heard of planking, the bizarre internet rage that saw people upload photos of themselves lying perfectly flat in bizarre locations. Well, that is so yesterday (girlfriend) because there’s a new trend about to make a big splash online – it’s Tiplanking and it involves recreating a famous scene from the hit movie Titanic!

In Titanic, which is being released in 3D, there’s a scene at the front of the ship where Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) and Rose (Kate Winslett) stand. She’s got her arms spread wide and he tells her she’s flying – it’s all very lovely. Anyway Tiplanking is where you recreate that scene – even Maria Fowler from TOWIE is doing it!

Now why on earth would you want to be going and doing that?

Well, those nice folk over at Digital Spy are offering you the chance to win a 3D Home Cinema system if you send in your Tiplanking photos. You have until the 17th September to recreate your own Tiplanking scene and upload it to the Digital Spy gallery. The good news is that the entries will be judged – although the rules don’t indicate what the judges will be basing their decision on (originality, humour etc).

One interesting part of the rules though is this: “trespass or the violation of other people‚Äôs rights or property is not permitted. Do not take any personal risks to enter. Any photo the judges deem to have involved a risk of danger, will be disqualified.”! So that rules out hanging off the edge of the Mersey Ferry or “borrowing” a friends boat!

Our advice is have a look at the gallery and see what other entrants are doing. Try and be original too! If you think you have a great idea then you may want to leave uploading your entry until the last moment – just so that no one else copies it. Mind you if you leave it too long then someone else may jump in with “your idea” – so it’s a gamble which ever route you choose.

If you do enter do feel free to post a link to your entry in the comments below. We’d love to see you Tiplanking – and if you include a rubber duck in your pics we’ll be even more impressed!

Tiplanking Competition At Digital Spy

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