Uniball Claim 152,322 Enter For an iPhone at GMTV

Posted on: June 30th, 2010 by Jason 7 Comments

How many people enter competitions and what are my chances of winning are two questions often asked by new compers. Over the years comping has gained in popularity due to the internet, facebook, twitter and the growth of other forums and portals. That said the numbers who enter a prize draw seem to vary.

Recently for example e2Save reported being happy with 850 entries for two Sony Ericcson Xperia X10 mobile phones and we commented on this on the Loquax forums. There are still low entry for decent prize competitions out there!

However, even we were blown away when we saw this tweet today from @uni-ball

152,322 entries

Yes, that’s correct!

They’re saying 152,322 people entered to win one PAYG iPhone 3G. That’s an incredible 151,472 people more than e2Save’s competition which offered two prizes of roughly the same value. As far as we can tell it was just an online competition that ran from the 3rd June until 27th June. Entry was multiple choice and users need to be registered.

What baffles us is this though! The GMTV competition is for an iPhone 3GS… not an iPhone 4, not £25,000 and not a car. It seems quite a large entry number for something so small for an online prize draw. From a comper’s point of view it’s quite a worrying statistic!

So what does this tell us?

Well assuming the number is correct then it does highlight just how a big brand can attract a large number of entries and perhaps compers need to be much more selective with how they use their time. By all means give the GMTV competitions a try, but perhaps use your time entering comps for the same prize (e.g. an iPhone) elsewhere first.

For example you could try Firefox’s iPhone 4 competition – which we estimate currently has 40,000 entries, but that’s only because it includes all the Facebook and Twitter followers they’ve built up over a sustained period of time.

Or better still head over to Electricpig and follow their instructions on how to enter, also to win an iPhone 4. Entries are posted to their comments page and so far they’ve had just…. 435. Making that GMTV number even more amazing.

The Electricpig competition closes on the 2nd July!

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  • tizliz

    I wont enter competitions which involve Facebook as I have no faith in their security. I only have a Facebook page so I can share photos with my family, I have every restriction on possible but I still get requests from people I have never heard of, and not always polite …… So Electricpig will have to manage without my entry!

  • libra100

    Entry to the electricpig competition involves having a Facebook account, which I don’t have. It also requires a ‘creative’ reason why you would love to win the prize.

    Many compers these days prefer to enter comps which take less time and inventiveness, although the odds for winning are better if you are prepared to spend time and energy on impressing the judges.

    These days there are lots of competitions run on Twitter and Facebook, and compers are missing out if they don’t have an account.

    It’s just finding time to access all these extra competitions!

  • felixthecat

    it would be interesting to see, if it were an online comp, how many entries came from the same ip address 😉

  • chrisme

    Was the comp a daily entry one?

    If so perhaps they have counted each entry and I am sure there are some compers who will have entered the maximum number i.e. 25!

  • shelly78

    These GMTV comps as far as I know are ‘enter as much as you like’ not just daily

    I think they may have counted each each entry too, rather than unique entrants.

  • kevinwj

    Divide the GMTV by 5 and it comes out as 30,464 entries. Not a very accurate way of doing it I know but probably closer to the number of “Unique” entries.

    As for Electricpig, horrible site that freezes my browser for 5 minutes while all the junk loads!!

  • Janetf

    I won’t do the electripig one as you have to be creative & I don’t like these type of comps.

    The firebox one has 3 methods of entry & you gain 3 entries if you use all 3 so will probably have quite a lot of entries.

    I do do facebook competitions but only if they simply mean clicking the like button. I will not do them if I have to start posting messages or spamming all my facebook friends.