Walkers Crisps Flavour Cup Offers 15 x £10000 Prizes

Posted on: April 21st, 2010 by Jason 4 Comments

Walkers Crisps are repeating their Do Us a Flavour promotion this year with a bigger and bolder promotion. No doubt designed to coincide with The World Cup, The Walkers Flavour Cup will see 15 new flavours go head to head to become the new flavour. Choose from American Cheeseburger, Argentinian Flame Grilled Steak, Australian BBQ Kangaroo, Brazilian Salsa, Dutch Edam Cheese, English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, French Garlic Baguette, German Bratwurst Sausage, Irish Stew, Italian Spaghetti Bolognese, Japanese Teriyaki Chicken, Scottish Haggis, South African Sweet Chutney, Spanish Chicken Paella and Welsh Rarebit.

Walkers Crisps

For compers with a creative streak there are some big cash prizes on offer. Namely 11 x £1000 and 15 x £10,000 cash! For a chance to win you need to become a superfan of your favourite flavour and create either a photo or video of yourself promoting it. When you’ve done that, you then need to pick up some “thumbs up” ratings by sharing your photo or video via twitter, facebook and blogs.

Sadly the terms say that judges will take these ratings into account, so essentially a poor entry could win 1 of the 11 £1000 prizes provided they get lots of support. Let’s hope that’s not the case and Walkers Crisps judge entries on merit!

You can view the photos and videos that have already been entered. This is quite useful as you can see the standard so far and what’s been “thumbed” as good. The current leading videos are pretty good too – French Garlic Baguette and Argentinian Flame Grilled Steak.

What’s worth noting is the flavours that are getting a lot of attention versus those that aren’t! Remember there’s £10,000 on offer for each flavour’s superfan so get you thinking caps on and get creative. If you do enter, do feel free to add a link below so that we can see your efforts!

And if you’ve tried any of the new flavours let us know what you think?

The competitions runs until the 11th July 2010, although the closing date for the last weekly £1000 prize is the 4th July.

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  • lorenza

    We had a tasting and voting session at work with all the flavours and the winners were – Dutch edam cheese, American cheeseburger and Italian spagetti bolognese. The losers were – Japanese teriyaki and French garlic baguette.

  • lillyinthesun

    It will be interesting to see how many votes the weekly winners have. That might help to see how much voting is taken into consideration.

  • lillyinthesun

    Ok, I can’t see me winning anything as some of those videos are fab, but i just love this type of comp so here’s a picture I made.
    I might have a go at a video over the weekend.
    Anyone else willing to share?

  • ecclescake

    Have done a couple of videos so far – am gonna enter as many as I get time for! They are ‘Lord Norrington’ for the England flavour, and ‘Captain Superfan’ for the South African one (The link seems to leave the cheering sound from the site playing when the videos play , but heres one of them anyway) http://www.walkers.co.uk/flavourcup/#/superfan-gallery/all-flavours/most-recent/videos/1722548/?q=&p=0