Wedding Winners Divorced From Prize!

Posted on: April 11th, 2008 by Jason 3 Comments

We like finding strange competition stories and this one from This is South Wales highlights why honesty is the best policy, but if you can’t be honest (shame on you) then keep your mouth firmly shut, especially on the web!

According to the report the original winners of an all expenses paid wedding became divorced from their prize after comments were made about their ‘wedding’ (icWales). The promoters decided to withdraw the prize and redraw the winners, which was good news for Denise Davies and David Thomas.

They now will enjoy their £3000 wedding prize when they get married in September 2009.

When entering competitions honesty is always the best policy as you never know what lies around the corner if you win! However, if you have been naughty learn from this experience and don’t go announcing it across the web. You just never know if a promoter is watching!

If you see a quirky competition related story in your area, let us know!

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  • laurajayne

    I dont understand this. How were they going to get the prize if they had no plans on getting married anyways?

  • MrsJustlucky

    I Think this couple have been watching toooooooo much Eastenders! It seem’s lately that people seem to mixing fact with fiction has with the Shameless case. What next Jason wakeing up in 1982 thinking he’s Gene perms thanks!

  • Bun123

    Thats just what I thought, Heather and Minty in real life!
    I know I shouldn’t worry about it, but will their wedding be legal if Heather uses Hazel’s name?
    Will they be disqualified from the prize?
    Will I ever get a life?