What Is The Big British Giveaway?

Posted on: November 28th, 2011 by Jason 3 Comments

Those of you who follow Loquax (or stalk us) will know that Jason also blogs on his own (award winning) One Little Duck site. Recently he blogged an interview with Mark Bowness of new competition site – Big British Giveaway. However, we thought it might be an idea to chat to Mark about what the site is about and why compers may want to get involved when it launches in 2012. The exciting news about Big British Giveaway is that one of the prizes could be a brand new car…

Big British Giveaway

Here’s what Mark had to say!

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am just a normal average guy who loves dreaming up big ideas and seeing whether I can turn them into reality. My first ‘big idea’ was a business called Tribewanted.com. I leased a 200 acre island in Fiji which had nothing on it. I built a website that enabled people to sign up and become a ‘virtual tribe members’, online these ‘tribe members’ voted on what they wanted to see happen on the island, what they wanted to build and how they wanted to work with the Fijians, members could then go and visit the island and get involved in building and developing the eco-village. Tribewanted was filmed for 18 months and became a 5 part prime time BBC2 show.

Since Tribewanted, and indeed, as a result of it, I have been involved in coming up with the ideas for TV programmes and I have also looked after the Twitter and Facebook accounts for a number of big and small brands.

2. Tell Us About The Big British Giveaway? How Does It Work?

Launching on the 1st January 2012, Big British Giveaway is a daily giveaway site. Every single day, in 10 cities across the UK, businesses will giveaway a product as a prize. In order to be in with a chance to win the giveaway the public have to like the brand on Facebook, follow the brand on Twitter and increase the profile of the brand across the internet. Competitions will run every 24 hours with the winners being announced the next day so no need for waiting months and months to find out if you have won!

3. What Kind Of Prizes Are On Offer?

The exciting part about Big British Giveaway is that every single day we will be offering a very different prize. Some of the giveaways being offered to date include children’s clothing companies, a company that wants to give an iPad and even a company who is giving away a brand new £16,000 car. From the big to the small and everything in between, every single day the public will come back to enter these giveaways with winners being announced literally the next day!

4. Who Sends Out The Prizes – Will It Be Big British Giveaway or Sponsors?

The companies offering their products will be sending out the prizes, however, there is a very strict contract in place in order to make sure that they do!

5. How Can Compers Get Involved?

Very easily! Head over to Big British Giveaway and register your email address, which will not only enter you into a competition to win an iPad, but will also ensure that you are one of the first to hear about the website as soon as we launch.

6. Do You Enter Competitions? And Have You Ever Won Any?

When I was younger I used to enter competitions all the time, in fact, on a weekly basis. I would religiously buy all the magazines that has heaps of competitions inside, including Take A Break! I never won a thing and so, sadly I gave up entering!

Big British Giveaway will launch on 1st January 2012 and if there are big prizes like a car on offer then it’s going to be well worth a visit. We’ll be keeping an eye on the site and hopefully will catch up with Mark again to see how things are progressing!

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  • soozandlily

    oooo cannot wait till this starts! Sounds very very exciting 🙂

  • suroben

    Sounds good but I’ll reserve judgement for now. One concern is when the day ends, so many comps on facebook seem to think 3,4 or 5pm is the end of the day which is very unfair on many people who don’t get near a computer until the evening and know that the day ends at 23.59pm.

  • army

    Agree with you Suroben, many of us work 9-5 or longer and see that we miss many opportunities when we do get home.