What Is Yipiii? Is It A New Way To Win?

Posted on: October 15th, 2011 by Jason 13 Comments

This week we were alerted to a new competition site called Yipiii. It describes itself as The World’s No.1 Winmarket and offers users to play for over 450,000 products. We thought we’d go and take a look.

The idea behind Yipiii is that you can play to win an item before you buy it. To do this you need to be registered and have credits (although you do get some free ones when you join). You then spin the Wheel of Winning and if all the red segments align then you win the item.

Incidentally, we tried the Winning Wheel on the demo play and managed to “win” every three spins, no doubt to make us think that playing for real would be equally as successful. We also couldn’t find any information on the site about the chances of winning the item you’re spinning for.

If you don’t win the item and decide to go on and buy it (via their affiliate links) then you’ll get your gaming credits refunded. There are also prize draws and free spins on offer. Take a look at the video above as that explains things a lot better.

Scrape away the wheels and spins and essentially Yipiii is an instant win site which will cost you £1 a go and there are no guaranteed prizes (i.e. they don’t give odds or that £x of prizes will be won in a specific time period). After that it’s a shopping site that gives you cashback provided you shop via them.

Do people win? The site does have a winners page with quotes from happy contestants. You can also look at comments from users via their Facebook Page.

Yipiii is an interesting concept, with the idea is to have a go at winning something that you’ve already decided to buy! Whether shoppers or even compers will embrace that concept we’re not so sure. It might be fun to try once or twice (or try and win with the free credits), but will it catch on and revolutionise online shopping?

We’re not so sure!

Let us know what you think? Is it yippee or boo for Yipiii?

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  • sunshine71

    Boo from me, sounds odd giving no odds no pun intended!
    Would rather spend my time winning free to enter comps and if I have decided to buy something I generally use a cash back website.
    Call me synical, but sounds very suss to me!

  • ully

    no, its not for me either; seems a lot of hassle, and hard work as well…like a complicated way of buying goods? And expensive if you just wanted to go comping on there. I’m happy here on loquax, anyway..

  • hks

    A no from me too, I’ve looked but I shall not being going back there again.

  • Joeyl

    I am avoiding, this site is just similar to penny auction and unique bids sites. At the end of the day they make money and few people win smaller value prizes I am guessing. Best to stick with free to play comps.

  • libra100

    As others have said, also wondering whether this site would be a Spam generator.

  • angus1953

    not for me I will stay to the free Loquax way

  • colvilleone

    Whilst I have to say from the outset that this is not something that I would sign up to, I think that it is a very interesting concept on many levels. Despite the total number of products offered, the Merchants who will ultimately be supplying them (together with any prizes) are relatively few in number and are predominantly household names. The Privacy policy needs to be read particularly carefully and it will be interesting to see how effective opting out is with regard to the sharing of data.
    This is of course a shopping site that offers a slim chance of winning a prize, not a competition site that offers the chance to go shopping. Whilst that could and indeed should be said of links provided to most of the competitions available on the internet, you don’t as a rule have to fork out funds in order to enter them To anyone who has researched the price of a product that they have already definitely decided to purchase the prospect of wagering £1 on an outside chance of winning it is likely to prove attractive. As a site to visit to ‘go comping’ however it is a non starter if your intention is solely to win something.
    I like the idea for the clarity of its revenue streams and its innovative thinking and provided problems don’t surface as subscriptions grow with regard to data use I think it could do rather well.

  • magsn

    I actually think its quite a novel idea. Its not something I personally would use, but they have come up with a new concept and it’ll be interesting to see how they fare. To be honest I’m not convinced it’ll catch on though – I think cashback sites are their main competitors and think they will probably be the more attractive option for most people.

  • sorewinner

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Andrei and I’m a part of the team at Yipiii. Firstly thank you for your comments. You’ve raised some great points, which we’re going to look into ASAP.

    Secondly if we can we would like to clear-up a few things. Unlike penny auctions and other gaming websites, Yipiii is a licensed gaming company, which means we have to abide by very high standards of player protection, security and fairness. We do not share user information with any third parties. It’s a guarantee written in our list of terms and conditions and we dislike spammers as much as you do.

    We feel we have a unique offer as cashback websites don’t allow you to win the product you’re buying. On Yipiii, by contrast, users have won some pretty great items, including laptops, Xbox consoles and a scooter. And the cost of plays is refundable when you buy your item. That means you can play for free. Also, there’s nearly a fifty percent chance of winning a bonus as a result of any play — even before you buy your item, so your total plays cost less than the nominal £1.

    We’ll be delighted to answer any other questions you might have. Our team can be reached at customerservice@yipiii.co.uk. Once again, thanks for the feedback.

  • colvilleone

    Perhaps then Andrei, an opt out with regard to the passage below from your terms and conditions should be the default position rather than an option as it is as it stands rather at odds with position as stated in your second paragraph.

    ‘We may also use your data, or permit selected third parties to use your data, to provide you with information about goods and services which may be of interest to you and we or they may contact you about these by post or telephone.’

  • danielyipiii

    Hi Colvilleone,

    Another Yipiiian here, Daniel, from the Yipiii team! I thought I’d address that post as it looks like Andrei won’t be in until tomorrow. Those terms are required because of the nature of our site.

    When you win a prize with us, we are required to share your information to order your prize, as we do not stock the products ourselves. The retailer will then send you the item you won directly upon receiving these details. As they are a third party, only affiliated with us via the products they provide, we do need to state this in our terms and conditions. It’s a legal requirement. If you didn’t agree with us to share your information with a third party we would not be able to issue you your prize.

    We do comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act and we ensure that player data is highly secured at all times. To clarify upon what Andrei meant, we do not share your user information with any third-party marketing or spam lists.

    As mentioned in the article, we are a new site and this is a brand-new concept. We really appreciate the feedback and we wish to be able to provide all our users with an excellent service. If you do find something that gives you cause for concern, please get in touch. We’re doing our best to provide a stable, reliable and enjoyable platform for our users.

    If you’re going to buy an item anyway, I highly recommend you give us a try; we already have lots of happy users who have gotten lucky!

    If you have any inquiries send us an email at: customerservice@yipiii.co.uk

  • colvilleone

    Hello Daniel
    Unfortunately the paragraphs are not numbered so I am going to have to reproduce the passages in full. The first paragraph below essentially covers the answer you gave and is not contentious. However the second paragraph which follows on immediately from that and two later paragraphs seem rather odd in light of the answer you gave.

    ‘It is a legal and technical necessity of Yipiii’s gaming operations that we store user data and share it with certain third parties (including, but not limited to, the Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Malta and our affiliate websites who supply the items offered on Yipiii and process transactions regarding their acquisition and shipment). Registration on Yipiii entails acceptance of that necessity.’

    ‘In addition to that, we may also use your data, or permit selected third parties to use your data, to provide you with information about goods and services which may be of interest to you and we or they may contact you about these by post or telephone.’

    ‘If you do not want us to use or allow third parties to use your data for marketing purposes, please change your preferences on the My Yipiii page, under the header “My Detais”.’

    ‘If you do not want us to use your data in this way, or to pass your details on to third parties for marketing purposes, please tick the relevant box situated on the online registration form.’

  • Gio_1984

    Ok, I just tried Yipiii and although at first it looked like a scam/spam generator to me, i followed a friend’s advice and put in £10. After a couple of plays I actually managed to win the DVD i was playing for!

    the site looks like it needs more work on its usability and design, but after receiving my prize in the post today i can tell you that the system is legit – and they gave me a pound “discount” every time i spun the wheel! So now I have to think what to buy next with those discounts. cheeky yipiii…..