What’s The Flavour Of Walkers Crisps Competition!

Posted on: January 20th, 2012 by Jason 6 Comments

Walkers Crisps have launched a brand new campaign called “What’s That Flavour?”. They’ve released three new flavours and in a nice little twist they’re not telling anyone what they are – and to make things more fun they’re offering a £50,000 prize. Your mission, if you wish to accept it, is use your skill and judgement to guess the flavour name. You can enter the competition via Walkers, their Facebook page or by text.

Now our advice is don’t go rushing into this one and making wild guesses. The competition is open until the 9th March 2012 and it’s not a first person who is correct wins promotion. Everyone who guesses the flavour correctly goes into a prize draw. Pick up a few bags of the crisps, have a good taste, review the ingredients before entering.

It might also be worth keeping an eye on Walkers web page and Facebook page for clues, hints and tips.

For example, Walkers say that the ingredients on the packets are for inspiration only! In fact there’s a whole FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on their site which will answer any problems or questions you might have.

Another interesting point is that Walkers would like the correct flavour description. So if the answer was “Cheese & Onion” those entries that put “Cheese & Onion” would go in the draw. Entries of “Onion & Cheese” may not be included. If no one gets the correct flavour then descretion will be used to determine who enters the prize draw.

There are three prizes of £50,000 on offer as well – so don’t limit your flavour skills. You can also enter as many times as you like so if you think Flavour B is “Italian Stuff Crust Pizza” you might want to try and think up some variations along a flavour theme just to cover any bases you might feel haven’t been covered.

So give it a go and you never know you could be walking off with a £50,000 cheque thanks to Walkers!

Walkers What’s The Flavour

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  • DarkHelmet

    Ok that’s a prize certainly worth paying the 50p a bag for lol going to give it a shot in the next 10 minutes!

  • libra100

    An interesting competition which sounds like good fun, requiring more than a few clicks to enter.

    At least automated entries shouldn’t flood this one and it doesn’t require others to vote.

    Based on a level playing field, requiring imagination and creativity, this type of competition is what comping is all about.

  • LindaDiva

    Well done walkers again for a brill comp like rainy day!

  • Ennill1

    I think the clue is in the video – Gary Liniker hasn’t shaved, so it’s obviously Cheese and Hair from Liniker’s chin…

    Crisp anyone?

  • squizthewizz

    I got my mystery flavour sent through the post this morning, just trying out the flavour now, and have to say it’s very difficult to figure out (but kinda fun!)Thanks for posting tips for the competition, think i may have to enter a couple of times as i’ve got an idea but not exactly certain!

  • suehutch

    Brown sauce?