Whoops a Daisy! Play Woopi Closes After One Month!

Posted on: April 24th, 2009 by Jason

A big thanks to Loquax user Jamest for letting us know that the prize raffle site Play Woopi have closed their doors after just over one month since they launched! Play Woopi opened their doors with a huge offer of a £703,000 cash prize in exchange for a £15 ticket. The site also offered a £1million house, an £85,000 Mercedes and other desirable expensive raffle prizes.

Play Woopi

It’s a surprise that the site has closed so early, but other than a piece in The Guardian there’s been little advertising or even media comment about the site. However big raffle prize sites, including win a house competitions are notoriously difficult to get underway. Their task is made even harder with so many free to enter competitions and of course the recession!

If you’ve bought a ticket from Play Woopo then you will be issued a refund within 14 days. However, the Rolex Submariner competition was completed so a winner will be chosen and no refunds given for this raffle.

Perhaps Play Woopi will be back in the future with a different approach to these kind of competitions?

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