Will You Hunt For The Treasure Of Camelot?

Posted on: June 28th, 2012 by Jason 3 Comments

If you fancy searching for buried treasure but the pirate life isn’t for you or you just can’t stand digging in saned then The Treasure of Camelot could be ideal. Papaarte Publishing of London tell us that they have assembled a team of some of the best Game and Web designers available to “create one of the most unique Treasure Hunts to be found in any Media”.

The aim of Treasure of Camelot is to find King Arthur’s Lost Gold Crown. The competition draws its inspiration from the ever popular legend of King Arthur and the wizard Merlin (rather than The National Lottery). It aims to appeal to all ages and an amazing prize worth £30,000 is on offer to the first person to locate the treasure!

The story begins after the death of King Arthur at the battle of Camlann, when Merlin buries Arthur’s fabulous gold crown. We’ve no idea why he buried it, but having spent 4 hours looking for a wedding ring yesterday we do know it’s not going to be an easy puzzle to solve.

To find the crown you will need to solve the clues left by Merlin in the Treasure of Camelot story, the crown, worth £30,000 ($47,620.00) can be found and won as a prize (or if preferred, the cash-value prize can be taken instead)!

The full story and all the clues necessary to find the Treasure are available as an eBook, which combines beautiful hand-drawn illustrations with an enchanting story, reminiscent of vintage British annuals and comics. The characters and their adventures are brought to life as you read the Treasure of Camelot story, solving the clues left by the wizard Merlin on the way to finding the Treasure.

Entry to the competition is free and you can preview the story for free before starting. According to the publishers winning is not going to be down to chance! Locating the crown requires skill and observation to solve Merlin’s puzzle and find the hidden location.

We’re guessing that you may well be that you will need the book to help you in your quest! However, clues will probably be given on the Treasure of Camelot Facebook and Twitter pages – whether they’ll be enough to help you we do not know! If you are clever enough to discover the location then you just need to contact the organisers – there’s no making a mad dash into the middle of nowhere to do a bit of digging!

These kind of competitions are quite challenging – but they do appeal to those who are happy to invest their time (and brain power) and leave aside the daily ritual of prize draws and entry form filling. If you like geocaching then it will most certainly appeal. Our advice is take a look and see what you think – make sure you understand the rules too – and maybe start putting those little grey cells to work.

Good luck with your treasure hunt.

  • kevinwj

    Hmm Intrigued by the throw away line; “having spent 4 hours looking for a wedding ring yesterday ” ?????

    Shop or beach? 😉

  • Lol – villa! Took it off to go swimming, went for shower knowing it was on bed. Went back it had gone – tipped place upside down and thought it had gone. Found it on my shorts – had got inside the front of the pocket – how it got there and how it never fellout I don’t know.

  • nyoka

    I love things like this and have already started the hunt although I don’t expect to win it’s great fun. I played ‘Masquerade’ with Kit Williams and also ‘The Ultimate Alphabet’ with Mike Wilks when they came out. You also learn a lot as you research the clues. Happy hunting folks and good luck.