Win $10000 with World Nude Day!

Posted on: February 21st, 2009 by Jason 3 Comments

If you like letting it all hang out and fancy trying to win $10000 in gold then you might want to head on over to World Nude Day and take part in a worldwide competition. You need to send in a video of you doing some funny, but without your clothes, and you could be a winner.

The site explains that “World Nude Day is about setting yourself free. It’s about nude, not lewd. It’s about having fun … with your clothes off”. Most of the entries come from New Zealand, where World Nude Day originated from, but there are 3 entries from the UK. In fact there’s less than 150 entries so you have good odds of winning! Is this something you’d like to try?

For a bit more info, and to prove that we’re not actually making this up, then take a look at this video discussing the competition from America Today (nudity is shaded out) or head on over to the official website.

Thanks to Kevinwj for letting us know about the competition. Let us know (as if you would) if you enter a video!

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  • daisyduck

    Will you be leading the way , Jason ?? and Kirsty ?
    Hmm , think I will pass !

  • DarrellJ

    Let us know the url when you post your entry Jason!! 🙂

  • stephen55

    i may go in for this
    can you use footage that is already on the net
    of yourself ?
    btw im one of the many people
    who pose for spencer tunick,
    and its great fun,
    i have posed 10 times now
    all round europe,london,bruges,lyon,spain,germany,amsterdam,vienna
    and has given me chances,
    to do things beyond my wildest dreams,
    eg. i posed last year in the directors box
    at the ernst happel stadium vienna
    for euro 2008,
    featured in heat magazine with jade jagger
    during the saatchi opening in 2003,
    so its worth doing, 😉
    also you get a print for taking part