Eternity Puzzle II – Win $2million!

Posted on: August 7th, 2007 by Jason 3 Comments

Back in April we told you about The Isis Puzzle and then last month it was The Golden Jigsaw but now it’s time for Eternity Puzzle II! If you’re the first person to solve the jigsaw style puzzle then you’ll find yourself better off by a cool $2million (or around about £1million).

To take part in this competition you need to purchase Eternity II. It’s available from Firebox and ToysRUs for £34.99 (if you can find it cheaper then let us know). When you get your puzzle you’ll then find you’re the owner of 256 pieces of card with lots of pretty patterns on them! Your task is to complete the puzzle! You can try a free demo of the game at the official Eternity II website, as well as pick up extra information about the game and clue puzzles.

The puzzle was devised by Christopher Monckton (you can see him in the launch video above), and according to the blurb at Firebox, he claims “Eternity II is just as likely to be solved by a 5-year-old as a mathematical genius”. That’s good news if you’re not a mathematical genius, but the bad news is that the original Eternity puzzle was solved by Alex Selby, a Cambridge mathematics PhD! Selby took just seven months to complete Eternity I. According to (The Guardian the early win resulted in Monckton having to sell his home in order to pay the £1million prize money, although reading further on it suggests that perhaps it’s not the actual reason!

Eternity II will be one of those games most people ignore, or fiddle about with, but if you’re of a certain mindset it may well be a challenge to not only complete the puzzle, but also try and win the $2million prize… and in comping terms that’s one heck of a biggie!

  • kirsty

    What’s wrong with this as a solution to the demo? It says it doesn’t match their database of solutions?

  • fireblade205

    have u completed the task ,,and thats the result,it looks good to me ,,

  • felixbelix

    This puzzle is designed to be insoluble (it says so in the rules!) so I wouldn’t waste your money on it. It’s so difficult it’s not even fun.