Win £5000 With The Mazuma Mobile Cube Challenge

Posted on: December 16th, 2009 by Jason 2 Comments

If you like counting the numbers of sweets in jars (or even guessing the number of items Argos had in their Giant Jar back in 2007) then the Mazuma Mobile Challenge will be right up your street. The good news is you don’t win a big box of mobiles. The person who correctly guesses the number of recycled phone handsets in its massive Maz Cube will win £5000!

Mazuma Cuba

So how many mobiles are in the Mazuma Cube?

Don’t ask us, we don’t know! To help you, the cube is shown above but don’t use that to make your guess as there are bigger versions online. For example, the Mazuma Mobile’s Facebook page features numerous different shots of the Maz Cube, which should help you make more accurate guesses.

Charlo Carabott, Managing Director explained why they were running the competition. He said “The competition is a reminder that there is cash to be made from old working and no-working mobile phones. The average working handset received by Mazuma is worth £35 in cash for customers”.

“In the run up to Christmas we see an influx of phones coming in from people hoping to make some extra spending money. Then in the New Year we anticipate receiving close to a staggering 200,000 phones from people who get an upgraded mobile phone for Christmas.”

The competition runs until midnight on January 31 2010. People do not have to be a Mazuma Mobile customer to enter the competition. Only one guess per person is allowed. If no one guesses the right number then closest guess wins!

If you are thinking of recycling your mobile then take a look at the Loquax Cash for Mobiles Tool. Find your handset to find the most cash you can get for your old mobile.

Take the Mazuma Cube Challenge!

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  • chrisden

    676 mobiles. OMG! i would not like to count all those.

  • chrisdebag1

    i guessed 879 hehe but have no idea