Win a Coca Cola Christmas Truck Delivery of £5000

Posted on: December 8th, 2010 by Jason 9 Comments

One week into December and we have to admit to being slightly fatigued by the sight of advent and Christmas competitions. They keep popping out the woodwork like files from Wikileaks (ooh a little bit of politics there) and we’ve still got the 12 Days of Christmas Countdowns to come.

However, one Christmas competition did make us smile and that’s the latest one from Metro. They’re offering a £5000 prize, but forget about the cash, the best part is that the cheque will turn up in a Coca Cola Christmas Truck.

For many people the iconic advert is the start of the Christmas season (take note Tesco, these ads don’t show in August when you’re putting out the mince pies). We think it’d be pretty cool to see one of these Christmas Light decorated trucks turn on your doorstep. It most certainly would put the neighbours sporadic flashing icicle lights to shame.

One word of warning! If the weather is bad, as we know it is in many places in The UK, then you might just have to make do with the £5000. It’d be a shame if the coolest part of the prize is lost due to the cold weather.

Anyway you’re going to have to be quick though to enter this competition as it closes at 11.59pm on the 9th December. Just head on over to Metro, login and send them your details. We would really love a Loquax user to win this and we’d love to see some video and photos of the truck if they do.

Win £5000 with Metro

  • karende

    How cool would that be! I always start Christmas the first time I see that ad on the TV!

  • Emmaross

    I’d love to see my kids sat up in that truck (then straight down the bank to express the cheque…) Thanks 🙂

  • suemenzies

    I love seeing the truck in the ads so it would be absolutely fantastic to see it on my doorstep… the cheque would be welcome too of course!

  • dynamicdragon75

    WOW! That’d be great!

  • littleanne

    Oh wow!! This would be amazing and the cash would be very welcome too lol!!

  • denmort

    I just know Christmas is starting when i see the truck – it’s my favorite Christmas advert by far and the £5000 would be a lovely ending to the year!!!!!

  • kkth918

    II drink 2 litres of it every day, so the £5,000 could go to filling the truck up!!!

  • susanholidaylady

    that would be fantastic,its only the best advert ever

  • racheldann

    What an amazing prize xx

    Would be the most amazing prize ever xx