Win a Personalised Calendar from Gone Digging!

Posted on: October 31st, 2008 by Jason 149 Comments

Thanks to our friends at Gone Digging we have a personalised calendar (worth £19.99) to giveaway to one lucky Loquax user. You’ll be able to choose from one of 12 designs and have it personalised with your own name or someone else’s (an ideal Christmas present perhaps?).

Personalised Calendar

Gone Digging offer a wide range of personalised gifts for all occasions, including Christmas and Birthdays, and their top products include original newspapers from when you were born, personalised football history books, spoof newspapers and personalised calendars.

Buying personalised gifts is easy as Gone Digging guides you through the steps required. For example on the “FA Cup Final Win” spoof newspaper you can specify name, age, football team and even upload a photo. You also get to review everything before you place your order!

So how can you win a personalised calendar with Loquax?

We want you to go to Gone Digging and visit the “Spoof Newspapers” section. Choose a theme you like and then come back to the blog and leave a message naming the theme and who you’d send it to (you can even explain why)!

It could be your partner, best friend, family member, celebrity even Jason or Kirsty (they’re the people who run Loquax by the way)!

The closing date will be the 10th November 2008 and usual Loquax rules apply.

Note – your answer may go into blog moderation so please don’t submit your answer more than once! Also it’s not a tiebreaker competition either!

The competition was won by Julie-j

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  1. sasba says:

    I would choose the female christmas no. 1

    Not i might sound greedy but it would have to be for myself. I just adore xmas and it is no. 1 occasion in this house. Every year from i was about 13 all i wanted was a recording studio experance i asked every year but never got it. this year I asked for money for that if i dont get it i can start saving to buy it myself. Imagine lookin at a paper with me being chistmas no. 1. Magic

  2. janewendy says:

    That’s a really fun website and great for present ideas.

    I would choose the Video Gamer of the Year. Which I would give to my husband, as he loves playing video games.

  3. candybabe says:

    I would choose The celebrity Birthday Party Female for my daughter Kirsty because she’s abit of a diva ha ha

  4. libra100 says:

    I would choose Entertainment for Jason and Kirsty as I get hours of entertainment from Loquax. Rock on!

  5. wilsonkick says:

    if i won i would choose the Love and Romance Calendar

    i would give it to my sons girlfriend – she is lovely, and has ”calmed” my son down a lot – he was in a lot of trouble – generally ‘going nowhere with his life’ – he now has a job – is in early every night and is ppaying back all the money he owes people – she is a gem…

  6. Dougal1972 says:

    I’d choose ‘Best Dad’ for my other half from our two children.

  7. devon007 says:

    What a great idea. I’d love to do one for my Brother putting him in No. 10. He’s quite canny with finances and he’d love to be in charge 🙂

  8. area says:

    I would choose Video Gamer of the year because when my son is home from university he (and his friends) take up permanent residence in our lounge.

  9. emma155 says:

    I would choose Football Player of the Year for my brother as he is always playing football.

  10. t1gger says:

    Would have to be Sexiest Woman Alive.

    Well I can dream. 42 in November.

  11. bikerchick says:

    It would have to be Video Gamer of the Year for my Brother – every time he gets a new game he disappears up to his room for days on end until he comes back down jubilant that he has completed it – he baiscally emerges for work, food and a shower!!

  12. car01e says:

    it would definately have to be the sexiest woman alive…not for me but for a freind of mine!


  13. susanms says:

    I’d choose “video gamer of the year” for my son.
    He life seems to revolve around his PS3!

  14. SBrunette says:

    I would pick Knighted by the Queen for Darth for all her ITV postings!

  15. sheep says:

    I would pick the Six Nations Rugby Triumph – England for our mate Matt who is a big England supporter and who I gave a Wales 6 Nations 2008 Grand Slam mug to a few weeks ago. This would more than make up for it!

  16. Paddys Kim says:

    Football player of the year for my husband as Im not sure how he would feel being made England manager :o)

  17. aliali says:

    I would pick Knighted by the Queen for my brother.
    He does a lot of charity work , and would give anyone in need his last penny.

  18. littleanne says:

    I chose my daughter as video gamer of the year cos she loves playing games

  19. janey81 says:

    I would have to pick England football manager for my brother as he is always saying he could do a better job!!!

  20. brenda.heads says:

    ‘Gamer of the Year’

    But I would have to toss a coin to decide which of my sons to send it to.


  21. mb772 says:

    I would choose the Love and Romance Calendar for me and Hubby as it would bring a smile to our faces even when planning chores and dental visits!

  22. gypsy1 says:

    i would choose the ‘christmas no 1’ for my daughter as she loves singing and dancing .

  23. jason says:

    Make sure you read the question properly… the theme should be from the “Spoof Newspapers” section!

  24. pooterfreak says:

    I would select ‘Christmas Number 1 for Him’ for my husband. He plays in a Shadows tribute band which bores me rigid (I call them The Saddos) so this would be appropriate. I especially like the mention of Cliff Richard in the spoof….a nice touch!

  25. jammyface says:

    It would have to be the “Best Dad” spoof newspaper, for my husband from our kids. Simply because he isnt!

  26. lucidlupin says:

    I would choose New Prime Minister for my daughter’s boyfriend to wind her up as she is studying politics and they don’t seem to do one for female PM’s! 😉

  27. dynamicdragon75 says:

    Oh this is great! I’d chose Britain’s next top model for the Loquax front page duck – it’s about time he (or she) got the recognition it deserved!… and then give it to my friend who’s not only Loquax mad – but a MAJOR duck fan! You know what to expect for Christmas Cath…

  28. alison66 says:

    “New England Manager” would be the one that I picked, it would be a lovely Christmas present for Phil my OH

  29. marymod says:

    I love Football Player of the Year and would choose it for my son who is 7 and just started doing footie club after school. On his first match he was voted man of the match and was just so proud and excited – he would so love something like this.

  30. jenna4steve says:

    I would choose video gamer of the year for my other half as he spends most of his spare time on a games console.

  31. sunshine71 says:

    I would chose the Celeb-tastic Birthday Bash for Heather Durrant! (female)
    As she is a fab Mum to 7 and grandmother to 11, though thinks she is still 21 and hasn’t any kids in a nice way!
    She loves to party and go out with her kids as one of them, she never dresses drab, but rather funky!
    (not bad for a old girl of 63, but shush,don’t say I said that, as she says 21 again lol!)
    It would make a wonderful Birthday present for a Woman who is zany and has a birthday just after Christmas!

  32. carolesul says:

    Knighted by the Queen, arise, sir Gavin, Henson of course, because he’s got the looks, the hair, the body he smells nice and he goes to church a lot x

  33. Polarbear says:

    After great consideration and all off ooooo at least 25 seconds, i’d would have to have the Daily Mirror- Prime Minister headline- i could SO put the country to rights by teatime, but the other 4 plus years of my tenure at number 10 would be boring as everything would be running so smoothly, i’d have nowt to do except continue entering competitions on the worlds best comping web site (Loquax of course), you never know i might even get the new USA President (who ever it comes to be) into coming, and nothing could be more prestigeous than Loquax receiving the Royal Warrant from HM if i got her signed up as well. Why we could even put a little crown on the loquax duck and give her an honoury title- Her Royal Duckness and her very own, Duckingham Palace.

    Now wheres all the smilies……. lol.

  34. MountainAsh says:

    I would love to win the celebtastic birthday headline. I have recently inherited a lovely stepdaughter and it’s her 21st in March. For various reasons she was not allowed to see her beloved Daddy for nearly 8 yrs. We would love to make this a birthday to remember.

  35. fortunehunter says:

    Jason, Kirsty and Gone Digging

    My choice sexiest woman alive for my partner thank you for the competition

  36. Janetf says:

    I would chose the Christmas no 1 male for my fiance, he has ambitions of apearing on x-factor.

  37. kathrynann says:

    England football manager for my other half – he could do a much better job – of course!!!

  38. Caz2 says:

    I think it would have be Knighted by the queen for my dad. He always thinks he deserves a knighthood for putting up with my mum all these years!!

  39. roseh says:

    I would chose the “Wimbledon win” for my sporty brother. It’s about time a Brit won!

  40. gaynorj says:

    I would choose Wimbledon Win for my mother. She is always reminding me how she got to the final of the Durham Schools Girls Tennis Tournement and how she could have been a star if she had stuck at it…… I think it’s a bit late now that she is 82 though 😉

  41. cat says:

    I love this idea. I would have the Celebrity Birthday Party – Female and it would be for my sister Liz, she turns 27 in December and would think this was hilarious

  42. labazs says:

    i would choose the england manager one for my OH as he is so obsessed with sport he may as well be something useful!

  43. DDB280801 says:

    I would go for Video Gamer of the Year and give it to my husband who plays my sons DS on the toliet!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. fluffysammy says:

    I would choose “Celebrity Birthday Party – Female” for my best friend as its her 40th next year and she would think it was a great keepsake.

  45. lorrainejay says:

    I would choose Player of the Year for my son Ross,he would abso;utely love it!

  46. sheena444 says:

    Think this would have to be the FA cup final winner for my husband
    he has the misfortune to be a Luton supporter and has been utterly miserable since they had so many points docked.

  47. shestheone says:

    I would choose Wimbledon Win – Women’s Final for my daughter it would really wind her up because she hates tennis but I love it and I’m always saying I wish I’d been a pushy mother and made her play so that she could win wimbledon for me. She always says she’d hit me with the racquet – not nice girl lol

  48. lesleysteve says:

    I would choose the Style Icons best dressed couple for my son & his new wife. Great fun comp-thanks for this

  49. fizzwig says:

    I would pick ‘New Prime Minister – Male’ for my other half, because he always says he could do a better job at running the country!!!

  50. part-time comper says:

    I would choose knighted by the Queen for my friend. She is the busiest person I know, but still manages to organise all family parties etc. She made sure that I had a great wedding too.

  51. sharon l hingley says:

    I would pick Christmas number 1 for my daughter because she never stops singing and loves writing her own songs .

  52. sophsam says:

    I would choose CHristmas No1 – Feamle, and give it to my daughter as it’s the only way she would have a xmas No 1

  53. haddockv says:

    I would pick the Six Nations Rugby Triumph – Englandm for OH as he loves rugby

  54. RubyRing says:

    I would choose the wins FA Cup spoof for my friend’s football mad son. It would be great to put his under 8’s team name beating Man Utd!

  55. hellywelly says:

    Got to be Best Dressed Couple-for my son and girlfriend-he is going out tonight wearing a rented yellow and red chicken suit-I think she will be dressing as a witch. Takes all sorts…

  56. lucky281159 says:

    It would be best dressed couple for me and hubby, cos when we go out walking the dog on the farm we dress in scruffy joggies, with very mismatched hats scarves gloves wellies jackets and whatever else keeps us warm. well nobody sess us but boy would they die laughung some days if they did.

  57. susanjessejames says:

    I would choose myself as next prime minister as I am certain that alhough hubby is an avid newspaper reader ( at least 2- 3 a day)he would never notice it was me on the front page, its taken him years of training himself to neither listen to/or notice me ( still love him ‘tho)

  58. ladette says:

    there are so many to choose from however
    i’d pick the fa cup winner – for my football mad son.

  59. karende says:

    I’d choose Best Dressed Couple for me and my hubby as it is sooooo not us!

  60. morrices says:

    I would choose Celebrity Birthday Party – Male. It is my baby brother, Steve’s, 40th birthday soon and it would be an extra prezzie for himand hopefully get a bit of a laugh.

  61. dancer2712 says:

    I would choose the seasons calenders and I would send it to myself. I have so many memories of events that have happened in my life so when I turn to a particular season it will bring back all the memories relating to that season. For example summer always reminds me of our families holidays and going to the beach with my children and with all the smells and feelings associated with it and the sounds like the sounds of the sea and the gulls flying overhead

  62. mogarry says:

    I would choose Player of the Year for my grandsons.Great presents on this site

  63. Dee160959 says:

    I would chose knighted by the queen for my mother in law. It would be for being the fabulous grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother that she is.

  64. Bubbles17 says:

    I would choose the ‘Best Dad’ headline – to celebrate our baby being born in January 09 and to show him what a great dad he to our six year old.

  65. sharon29 says:

    thanks for the competition,I would choose knighted by the queen-female, for my mum who is 70 this month,She is so guilable,she would more than likely believe it,we were talking about the credit crunch at the weekend and my husband told her he put £20 in petol and it cost him £30..she said thats

  66. mercury3 says:

    I would choose International Cyberchamp for my son Ross as he is has progressed from Sinclair Spectrum via Amiga to Xbox 360!

  67. tiddles12 says:

    I would choose Christmas Number 1 for my daughter as she thinks she can sing!! LOL!

  68. ironed out says:

    I’d choose Video Gamer of the year for my eldest son…. he might even enjoy reading it if he could peel himself away from his xbox for long enough! lol

  69. Maureen100 says:

    Definitely one of the football-themed ones for my dad

  70. lilac-hippo says:

    I would have to pick Player Of The Year for my son – he’d love it!
    Great site – good pressie ideas.

  71. garymonkey82 says:

    I would choose the football theme for my mother in law because she is football mad and would love it!

  72. spiderwebattic says:

    I’d choose the sexiest woman alive headline for my mate Cath to cheer her up – she’s just had an operation and doesn’t feel the slightest bit sexy :o(

  73. silverbird says:

    I would choose Cricket Runs Record and would give it to my Dad for Christmas or his birthday. He loves cricket and would find this really amusing and would definitely frame it. It would be a real keepsake for him.

  74. catz says:

    I would have to choose “New England Manager” for David my hubby, as he enjoys watching football, and always makes comments on the managers decision.

  75. neil_bramble says:

    It would have to be Britain’s Next Top Model for my wife – though I’m sure she wouldn’t find it the slightest bit funny!

  76. susanemily says:

    Britains Top Model. Imagine my hubbys face with my name there.

  77. flumpypup says:

    I would choose Top Loquats and would nominate Jason to receive it

  78. ully says:

    Well I would choose the Christmas No.1 for my 16 year old nephew. He`s a drama student and loves singing, dancing etc. I`m not too sure he will make it in the media tho, as its so competetive-but ten out of ten for effort.

  79. moo27 says:

    I would choose the sexist woman alive, because believe me I’d take up more than a centre fold!

  80. chrisburridge says:

    I’d have the Knighted by rthe Queen for my elder sister – she’s a great dame and deserves the name – Dame Winnie yes, sounds good

  81. dannelson says:

    I would choose Knighted by the Queen as a gift for my husband as I think it would make him smile!

  82. shadow63 says:

    i would choose lawer of the year for my daughter as she works long hours and needs to get a life- a good laugh- husband and half a dozen kids.

  83. jiveribbles says:

    I’d choose ‘prime minister’ for my husband because he’s always saying he could do a better job

  84. Hels76 says:

    I would have to chose the Celebrity Birthday Party, and I would have it for my Dad – who turns 60 next year. Think it would be great present for a man who has everything already and he is like a celebrity in our town every over person you meet knows my dad (in a good way of course) and just because he is a great dad as well!

  85. julie-j says:

    Would have to be the new England manager for my hubby. The way he shouts at the telly when the football’s on, he would obviously do a much better job than any of the other managers have ever done.

  86. squidgey says:

    I would choose the best dad theme for my dad

    He loves his daily paper and it would be great to take him his paper and see his face when he read the headline

  87. charybdis says:

    I would love to give my son the video Gamer of the Year, it would make him very happy and me too to be able to give it to him. He is quite poorly and it would cheer him up so much.

  88. secretsquirr says:

    I would choose the Sexiest Woman alive one for my friend who has lost loads of weight & overcome servere depression and looks FAB! Puts me to shame really…!

  89. kimandthomas says:

    It would have to be Best Dad for my son to give to his Dad. He gets up every day without complaint and goes to work at 5am and doesn’t get home after a very strenuous day until nearly 6pm, then plays with my son, helps make the dinner, walks the dog… he never seems to rest actually!

  90. Emmasophie says:

    I’d choose knighted by the Queen and include all my sister’s details!

    It would suit her lifestyle down to a tee

  91. angus1953 says:

    sent one to the wife most sexiest woman

  92. mally_cat says:

    I’d choose the Christmas No. 1 for my DD, she’d absolutely love that.

  93. bella97 says:

    My choice would br christmas no 1 male – for my son.
    He has been trying for years to get his songs that he writes noticed this would give him a confidence boost.

  94. missyll01 says:

    I’d choose Sexiest Female Alive and give it to myself…..Well If I dont believe it no one else will! lol

  95. noel31 says:

    As its the “big 40” next january one of these would be superb
    As I am a life long West ham fan something along that line would be great

  96. sharronannb says:

    I’d get the Christmas No 1 for my daughter – she’d love it!

  97. relisys222 says:

    I’d get the Best Dressed Couple one for my father in law and his partner as I never know what to buy them for Christmas and I think they would find this funny.

  98. jshearman says:

    I would pick the ‘best dressed couple’ for my inlaws who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year.

  99. josie301 says:

    I would choose ‘Best Dressed Couple’ for my best friend & girlfriend (a bit tongue in cheek) cos he is always going on about his labels and looking in mirrors.

  100. Kopgirl says:

    I’d chose the FA Cup Final win for my husband.

    I’d love it if the folks at Gone Digging included more sports tho. If they did, my top choice would be “……. wins London Marathon” for my mum. She took up running 3 years ago, 14 months after breaking her ankle and told she’d only ever be walking with a stick – she’s now got me running the Nos Galan at 7pm on New Years Eve!

  101. madbadger says:

    I would pick best dad and give it to my husband off my son! He really is a great dad so would be an appropriate them to make him feel appreciated 🙂

    Thanks for the comp!

  102. moo_kimmy_coo says:

    I would choose football player of the year for my oh, biggest joke out he hates football and if it was possible he wouldnt even know which way up to put the ball.

  103. Jotyanne says:

    I would choose Britain’s Next Top Model for my eldest daughter, as she is beautiful inside and out!

  104. JackieJ says:

    I would get the Christmas No1 for my son who truly believes he will win X Factor one day (heaven help us all).

  105. Hogan says:

    I would chose the Football Player of the year one but it would be a tough one as Both my sons love football.

  106. dpfoib says:

    I would choose ‘New England Manager’ for OH, as he is convinced he could do a far better job than most of them.

  107. lillyinthesun says:

    I would choose ‘Sexiest Woman Of The Year’ for, errrr…. me!

    (Well if I don’t nominate myself, nobody else will!)

  108. ickleun says:

    I would have to pick the Football Player of the Year one, it would be for my brother who is football mad, he always has been!

  109. WishMeLuck says:

    It would have to be “Best Dad” . Hubby would be so proud to receive this from his girls.

  110. magsn says:

    I would choose video gamer of the year for my hubby, since he spends so much time playing online with his mates I’ve forgotten what he looks like (could tell you exact no of hairs on the back of his head though!!!)

  111. denmort says:

    i have choosen the christmas no 1, i put my mum down as she has the worst voice i have ever heard, bless !!
    it’s that bad i cant stand by her at funerals as it makes me laugh, she is so out of tune it’s terrible and you really shouldn’t laugh when you are at a funeral should you??. denise x

  112. deborah moore says:

    Hi i would choose football player of the year for my son who is 6 and football mad

  113. clarets14 says:

    i would choose Video gamer of the Year’. for my grandson as he is games daft

  114. SAMANTHA789 says:

    Definitely ‘Best Dad’ – my husband is a fantastic husband and has finished work to look after our five children (ages 6, 5, 5 (twins), 2 & 8 months) ready for when I go back to work from maternity leave early next year.
    This calendar would be a great reminder to him of how valued he is every time he checks it to see what the children and us are up to that week!

  115. Red Robin says:

    I would choose ‘best dad’ and send it to my husband who is currently serving abroad

  116. yd1556 says:

    This is fun – I would choose the Christmas No. 1 spoof for my son-in-law who plays guitar – it would make a fantastic, quirky Christmas present for him.

  117. mab7281 says:

    ‘Fans farewell for old-timer’ for David Beckham, or is that just wishful thinking?

  118. juliehinson says:

    P.O.S.H win the F.A cup for my son nathan, cos they never will , its always a wind-up

  119. bellydancer says:

    Would have to be video gamer of the year for my hubby. Even at his age (65) he loves playing with all the computer games

  120. millerlfc says:

    I’d go for the Cricket one – shattering Lara’s record – for my housemate Jon as he’s a big Cricket fan.

    (Also there’s a picture of a monkey holding a cricket bat which made me laugh).

  121. linasi says:

    I would choose Best Dad for my hubby- always a nightmare choosing something for him and this looks the ticket. Probably one for my dad too as he’s also a mare to buy! lol

  122. tizliz says:

    I would choose Oldest Player for my father in law

  123. geeorob says:

    Boyzone Announce new gig venue: Isobel’s Bed.

    My wife is a massive fan of the band and has been for years my poor kids grew up singing the songs also. I am hoping I can get some medication for them!

  124. BazCow says:

    I’d choose Sexiest Woman Alive for my fiance as she never believes me when I tell her. Maybe if it was in the news she would. Everyone knows the newspapers never lie…

  125. vivianallman says:

    it would have to be the NEOPET TIMES as my family are addicted..they all have a neopet which is of course a virtual pet and all take care of them and send them to virtual hotels when we go away on holiday…i would even read it myself….

  126. rachsouthon says:

    I’d choose the New England manager one for my brother as he eats, sleeps and breathes football. He has often told the players and managers what they should be doing on the pitch so I’m sure this would be his dream job.

  127. alcatraz says:

    it would have to be best dress couple and I would choose it for my in-laws both in their late eighties but are still a smart couple

  128. devongirl says:

    Christmas No. 1 – Female

    I would choose to give it to my sister as she would love something like this.

    Plus it would get my own back for all those scary emails she likes sending me lol!

  129. angela1989 says:

    Gamer of the year for my younger brother.

  130. Consultantwan says:

    I would choose the Knighted by the Queen – Female and it would be for my Mother-In-Law. For the past three years she has worked 60 hours a week, been a full time carer for her Mum and been there for me, my husband and our family through some very difficult times. No matter how tired or busy she has been she has always had time for us and our problems. If I could choose one person to be knighted it would most certainly be her.. and since I can’t do it for real this would be the next best thing.. what a great idea for a gift! Grandma sadly passed away on Monday and so this would be an ideal gift to show that her care and dedication has been appreciated and noted, thank you for highlighting the site.

  131. Roybarb says:

    The Oidz of course. They’re intriguing.

  132. JSH says:

    I would choose the England next top manager for my OH.

    He would absolutrly love it!

  133. dayslikethese says:


    For some reason Harry Enfields Wayne and Waynetta Slob springs to mind!!! Go figure??! I can see them both with big grubby teeth smile holding Frogmella.

  134. Casper says:

    Gardening Calander here!! I know a friend who live, works and breaths gardening…. They would deserve it……

  135. jenni4402 says:

    Definitely “KNIGHTED BY THE QUEEN – FEMALE” for my Mum. She’s been an absolute rock to me over the last couple of years and it would be an ace 60th birthday present!

  136. lancashiretasty says:

    i qould choose the best video gamer for my partner jay, he plays grand theft auto for hours…i especially love they way he thinks that throwing his arms around with the remote helps him screech around corners better and faster lol…

  137. rosybear says:

    Would choose the high school calendar for my sister Jessie! as shes just about to start high school next year and this calendar makes everything look so exciting!
    good site!

  138. djmbrown says:


  139. lizziebr says:

    I think I would send the OH the FA Cup Winner Paper saying that Fulham had won the cup! Not likely to see that headline is he?

  140. angel316 says:

    Shame they don;t have a ‘Next Doctor Who one’ or I would pick that for my daughter. Would probably pick Christmas Number One for her 🙂

  141. angel.eyes01 says:

    I would pick Best Dad for my brother who is going to be a father again in a couple of weeks.

  142. jayanna says:

    I’d pick Best Dressed Couple(-ish) for Jason and Kirsty in recognition of their fetching yellow plumage and stylish webbed feet. 🙂

  143. jmk4646 says:

    my choice is New Prime Minister – Male
    for our friend Nick who fancies he should be a politician

  144. Liberty2 says:

    I would choose the Top honour newspaper for my husband to celebrate his services to watching every football match going regardless of who’s playing, and his unstoppable ability to dodge the washing up because of this. A well deserved homour!

  145. totallyaj says:

    I’d pick Footballer of the Year for my little brother as he’s football mad

  146. Luciet79 says:

    Video gamer of the year again for my hubby! I am an xbox widow! 😉

  147. cath000 says:

    videogamer of the year would be great for my hubby!

  148. elliemck says:

    I would have to choose the Best Dressed Couple for myself and my other half because we most definatly are not, unless its Halloween when we do tend to make an effort.

  149. julie-j says:

    Yay!! thank you Jason for picking me as the winner!