Win a Slanket from Prezzybox

Posted on: November 5th, 2008 by Jason 253 Comments

The Slanket is one of the must have Christmas Gifts in 2008 and thanks to our friends at Prezzybox you can win one in our second blog competition. The Slanket is essentially a blanket with sleeves (sleeves + blanket = slanket) and this means that whilst you stay warm during global warming and ever increasing fuel bills you can still use your hands to do the important things like use the remote control and drink a cuppa.

The Slanket comes in several lovely colours including Ruby Wine, Limoges (Dark Blue), Chocolate Brown, Lavender Pink and Hunter Green. They retail at £34.95 but you can win one here on Loquax.

To enter we want you to head on over to Prezzybox and check out their Stocking Filler Suggestions. Have a good look round as there’s gift ideas for him, her and the kids!

Then return to the blog and tell us via the comments form which one you’d most like to see in your stocking this Christmas Day.

The closing date is November 16th.

Out thanks to Prezzybox for not only sponsoring the competition, but also because they’re offering all Loquax users a discount too. If you use the discount code XMAS08 at checkout you’ll save £5 off your order, provided it’s over £20.

The winner of the competition is Vegasyears!

  • kathrynann

    I would choose the PicooZ Micro Helicopter from the ‘Big Boys’ selection. Hubby would have great fun with that on Christmas Day!

  • turkish007

    the procrastinator

  • noel31

    i would love some salt and pepper huggers as we had a set when we moved into our new house but my girlfriend broke the pepperpot on our first day

  • alison66

    I would like to see the Candle making Craft Kit in with my pressies as this is something I have always wanted to do

  • brenda.heads

    Rainbow Maker

    I would like to receivethis, it would be lovely hung by the window.

  • freakfire

    It would have to be the Chocolate Time Chocolatiere for me!

  • part-time comper

    I would love the stylophone. I never had one when I was a kid. If I won one I would give it to my Goddaughter. It would drive her mother potty……….naughty but funny.

  • Kopgirl

    Ooh, it was a difficult choice between My Own Morph and the Sculpta Sutra Fun Adult Modelling Kit. I think it has to be the Sculpa Sutra for sheer hilarity!

  • jules1959

    I would like the Finger Drums… a lovely stocking filler for my drumming 21 year old son , and a quiet xmas day for me!

  • relisys222

    Spa Lights for me please – nice relaxing bath and then lounge around in my Slanket!!!

  • julsey

    I rather like the look of the Hotsox, sounds so cosy!

  • lioness101010

    i,d love a slanket ,but a salt and pepper hugger would be fab,theres nothing like a good cuddle

  • amandasteel2000

    The spider catcher

  • maci234

    i would love the picooz micro helicopter

  • julie-j

    I’d choose the Hotsox, my feet are always freezing and I wouldn’t have to use hubby as a foot warmer.

  • habcat57

    I’d love a pair of the hot sox. I returned to Scotland several years ago having lived the majority of my adult life in the Far East and Cyprus and I’m STILL acclimatising!

  • SBrunette

    Hard choice as there is loads of nice things but i think i would go for the Simpsons Doughnut Maker, i quite like the idea of nice warm sugar coated doughnuts on a winters evening.

  • moomimmel

    oh well it would just have to be the super personalised calendar, i’ve always wanted one of them 😉

  • daisyduck

    Star Theatre 2… Sounds amazing..I always wanted to watch the stars as I went to sleep

  • cat

    Some lovely ideas on the site (may by a couple) but I think I’d most like the Naughty But Nice Take Away Gift Box – Lip Gloss. I love make up so this would be a great stocking filler

  • forrest27

    Chocolate First Aid Box

  • Marname

    Some gorgeous ideas here. For me it’s the Hot Stone Therapy set – can feel the heat now…….

  • sharon l hingley

    Definitely “My Last Rolo” , for the best hubby in the world.

  • ironed out

    I’d luuurve the Aroma Home Hot Sox (in the cow design.)

    I’m a bit cow crazy (or is that a crazy cow ?) 😉

  • geisha

    I would choose the Henry Hoover Desk Top Cleaner …. not saying my desks a mess mind!

  • lorrainebradford

    I would love the Aroma Home Hot Sox – Cow as my feet are always cold!!!

  • marymod

    Paper making craft kit for me – always fancied doing that. Couple of things there for secret santas at work too.

  • MountainAsh

    The procrastinator, my brain is always zombifying on me …….or the Aroma Hot sox cow design ………or the beautiful rainbow maker ….or the love heart ……or anything. I’d be delighted to find any of the goodies in my stocking.

  • mab7281

    Has to be the antworks, who would’nt want to ‘control their own universe’! – plus there’s always the threat factor of letting them go if the missus is giving me stick…


  • robinw

    the Tantrix Game Pack – to keep everyone else busy while I’m eating the chocolates.

  • splatky

    I’d pick the Oidz, it looks quite quirky, and I like shiney stuff! I found some great gifts for my neice & nephew too, the rainbow maker and the underwater light show for bath time 🙂

  • caz444

    oh my god i would LOVE that spider catcher!! We had a pregnant spider in our bathroom only yesterday and it was the scariest thing i’d seen in my life, had to keep it there til boyfriend came home!! great idea.

  • yd1556

    I’d love to find the Eyezone Massager. You ever know it might even relax me enough so that I could get to sleep at night – that would be the greatest gift of all!!

  • janewendy

    I would love to see the Spider Catcher in my stocking……I hate spiders!

  • karende

    It would have to be the Wellbeing Solutions Hot Stone Therapy Pack – as I haven’t managed to win any spa days I could have my own at home!

  • arkey100

    It would have to be the Russian Doll Painting Kit. I love these and it would replace the one I used to own that my son chewed beyond repair when he was tiny. I could even get the kids to paint it to make it extra special. XxX

  • area

    I would love the Rainbow maker – it looks very pretty even when the sun isn’t shining.

  • gden

    USB Mix Tape. It reminds me of when I used to make compilation tapes.

  • dannelson

    I would love some Aroma Home Hot Sox – Pink! They would be superb on a cold night.

  • Maureen100

    I love eggs. The cats will love them.

  • Carry

    Aroma Home Hot Sox what better way to spend an evening in,sitting at the computer doing your Loquax comps with cozy toes Heaven

  • selene16

    Its got to be the Aroma Home Fuzzy Feet Slippers – Rudolph I had some in the past that were the dog ones. Very soft and comfy and lovely and warm!

  • miss claire

    Personalised Father Christmas Letter

    for my son samuel who is 3 and this is really the first year he’s got excited about the whole thing.

  • aliali

    I’d choose the Pet Plants. They look all snug and cosy in their cocoon, and in a safe little house away from my plant eating moggy.

  • flumpypup

    Well after the Slanket I would have to choose the Aroma Home Hot Sox – Cow. Need something to keep me warm during the cold winter nights.

  • vivien

    the Aroma Home Hot Sox to go with the slanket,snug as a bug in a rug.

  • cindyg

    Tipsy Feet! What a great idea! (Er, not that I will be getting tipsy over Christmas, of course. Well, maybe just a couple of small sherries…)

  • janeg88

    Wow i saw the Youdoo doll, saw this on Dragons Den can’t remember whether the dragosn invested or not, what I’d actually like is the aroma sock things that keep your feet cosy.

  • kiddles

    Have to be the Good Voodoo Doll – Voodoo Princess – to bring me lots of luck.

  • jenna4steve

    i would chose salt and pepper lovers and ask if i can have a cuddle before dinner.

  • susanms

    I’d choose the Bath Bomb Factory from the girl’s section.
    My daughter loves bath bombs and we’d have great fun making them together.

  • moo_kimmy_coo

    I would have to pick the Aroma Home Hot Hugs – Cow, love these and they are used by adults and kids alike in our house so an extra one would never be one to many.

  • stevehp

    The lightcast – at least I can look at the lights even if I can’t get into my teenager’s music tastes!

  • fortunehunter

    Thank you for the competition
    Always getting into scrapes, my choice OUCH! Comic Strip Plasters

  • tubbyj

    Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather a pratical present to help the day along

  • marysmith47

    Sudokube please

  • sheena444

    That Russian doll painting kit is lovely! will check with my daughter if she would like it when she gets home from her holiday.

  • jshearman

    I would like the Cellardine Therm Au Rouge – red wine at the right temp on Christmas day for me.

  • bellydancer

    I would love James the Doorman , my doors heavy and I am always frightend of the grandchildrens fingers getting caught in the doors.

  • garneyb

    I would love the fuzzy feet slippers, i havent got any slippers, my feet are always cold and at that price my husband could buy me them , hes always stuck for ideas for me, in fact ive just printed them off and going to put them in my wish list !

  • barb10

    ooohh the spa lights would look lovely in my hot tub so i would choose them

  • paulagallivan

    Those spa lights look sooooo relaxing and perfect for hubby’s surprise birthday treat in a hotel!!!

  • suroben

    I’d love a Digital Photo Frame so I could have changing pics of my family on view all the time.

  • Elektra

    I’d like the spider-catcher because I’m terrified of them, but feel guilty when I have to kill them! If I could let them go safely somewhere outside it’d be a lot better for my karma.

    This way, I wouldn’t have to buy one for myself either…

  • floart

    rather like the sound of the Lav Nav… would help somebody in my house remember the difference between the basin and toilet at 4 in the morning…

  • sexygirl2

    I’m spoilt for choice! Would love the tipsy feet to keep in my handbag so that after a ‘tipsy’ night out I wouldn’t have to stagger back home in stillettos resulting in blisters and sore feet, or chance dodging broken glass and stones by going barefoot. And I’d love the colour changing spa lights so I could have a lovely relaxing bath or turn my bathroon into a nightclub – then I wouldn’t need to go out!

  • tracysb


  • dalek999

    a stylophone!

  • mata777

    The personalised calendar – because then I could be sure nobody else will have the same.

  • ejsmith1972

    Got to be the “Aroma Home Hot Sox – Pink” for me, to go with the Slanket! Although you may be reassured that we will have a mild winter since I’ve just bought a load of thermal undies.

  • kirsty1975

    It would have to be the Spider Catcher maybe it can remove the giant stick insect my husband has just bought!

  • meldrew

    I love the silver “I Love You” Heart, A really nice gift for my OH.

    I’d love the Slanket, I’m always wrapping up in a blanket and get frustrated when my shoulders get cold everytime you move!!

  • jan1972

    I would love to find the stylophone in my stocking – My big sister had one first time round and would never let me play on it, I always wanted one, so maybe now I can.

  • bundles

    I would love to win the slanket…I love snuggling up on the sofa with my duvet on these cold winter nights. With the slanket I would not have to cart my duvet up and down the stairs…perfect 🙂

  • witsyl

    Tipsy Feet – after a great night out
    Would bring much relief – there is no doubt

  • m3adn

    Fighting grandads, got to be the most funny thing to see on christmas day.

  • annkeates

    “Racing Grannies” please, ‘cos I am one now!

  • silviam

    I’d love the Sun Jar

  • tinnykt

    I’d go bananas in pyjamas for the bananagram game.

  • yubhb

    the procrastinator – always wanted this… not that I need help in that area, but looks fun anyway.

  • Bev71

    Has to be the Aroma Hot Sox – sick of having cold toes.

  • widgey

    Defo the Naughty but Nice Takeaway gift box – those lipglosses look good enough to eat, and will look great on my dressing table (or on the cakestand in the kitchen to my hubby hee hee).

  • littleanne

    wow!! so much to choose from so I’m going to choose the cotton towel cakes (strawberry roll) fantastic pressie idea

  • Ratchetrache

    Not sure my stocking is physically big enough, but I’d like the Elvis worktop saver… practical but funky at the same time. And food related, which is always good.

  • millerlfc

    The digital photo frame for me – I love my gadgets and have been eyeing one of these up for ages!

  • samoxley

    Definitely want the Stylophone – how cool!
    However, I remember those YooDoo dolls on Dragon’s Den – my niece would love one.

  • Terry110953

    The Gamucci Electronic Cigarette – I’m trying to give up smoking but without success! The GEC must help!!

  • linasi

    Definitely the hot sox…. this house is already freezing…if we get snow I’m going to need all the help I can get! lol

  • indiepindie

    I would have to go for the Oidz, I saw some at a friend’s house and was mesmorised!

  • BazCow

    The Sudokube. Who needs expensive games consoles to keep you entertained when you have that?

  • tizliz

    Eco Button – at least you can think you are doing something for the environment even if it takes you all year to save the cost of the gadget!

  • geeorob

    This would be perfect as my flat is freezing even the polar bears in the Lav even wears scarfs and has been like this for the last 8 years as we where informed that the flats would be earmarked for demolishion. We dont move to Feb so this would be perfect for the missus as it means she can be warm and wear the item as well so means she can get her behind off the couch!!

  • Gwyndaff

    The Cow Aroma Home Hot Sox look Mooooo-tiful!

  • fizzwig

    Chocolate pills – what a brilliant idea for life’s little emergencies!!!

  • webbda

    It would have to be the “Tipsy Feet” for the Mrs !! She could have done with these in previous years 😉

  • madmonster

    I’d love most of it, what a fabulous way to make us compers spend money. Favourite would have to be the Momiji Christmas Twinkle Doll, they are soooo cute.

  • MunchKim

    I’d love the Aroma Home Warm Cuddles – Rabbit as I can imagne cuddling up with it through the winter whenever my OH’s away…….and even sometimes when he’s not!lol

  • melanieclare2002

    I’d choose the smiling Momiji doll as she’s so cute and would match my bedroom! 🙂

  • meeps

    the tube of snow magic, just in case its not a white xmas, to tip out the bedroom window while my little boy is at the downstairs window!

  • audrey

    I would love the lip gloss heaven. mmmm chocolate………..

  • mssabrina

    I would be ready happy to recieve the spa lights!

  • lisahatton

    Aroma Home Hot Sox please. Plus a slanket if I don’t win it !!

  • dropdeadlovely

    I definitely want the Slanket, Chrimbo Evening, too much Turkey, too much bozze, stuffed to the gunnels under my slanket, heaven

  • benastra

    I would like the Aroma Home Hot sox-pink in my stocking

  • domin8x

    I would love a Slanket as I dont even have any central heating!. I would snuggle up in it sat at my computer entering Loquax competions! Save my poor fingers from going numb at the keyboard!

  • Demonica

    I would love a stylophone, retro cool and perfect for annoying the BF!

  • barboofa

    It was a toss up between a MOMIJI Christmas Twinkle Doll or The Spider Catcher! Pleasure or practical? I will go with the spider catcher as we seem to have have loads lurking over doorways and on the ceilings.

  • les123

    the cushtie cushion pink ooh soo cuddly


    Hot socks cow print for sure!!!!!!!! Moooo!!

  • silverpoodle

    No contest – the Chocolate Time Chocolatiere!

  • joane1

    The Chocolate First Aid Box would be just the emergency therapy needed while cuddled up in my slanket

  • Consultantwan

    The “My Own Morph” Kit would top my most wanted in the stocking list! I just loved orph when I was a kid and it would be great to make my own and share the experience with my kids and relive my long gone childhood! (though they would probably think I had lost the plot!!) So many great stocking fillers to choose from but that is by far the best in my opinion!

  • froglover

    I would love the stylaphone because I never got one when I was a kid.

  • ceninpedr

    I fancy the spa lights for a romantic bathtime

  • bluehook

    I’d be ever so happy to have the NuVue 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame in my stocking – or even in my pillow case

  • dayslikethese

    STYLOPHONE got to be, I remember my brother getting one for christmas it was so annoying, but hey, those childhood memories are always worth reliving. Thats got my top wish spot.

    Jeeees just bought back memories of the Major Morgan it used to have a very similar sound, played with that thing for years!!

  • mb772

    I’d love the Wellbeing Solutions Hot Stone Therapy Pack it would be great to recreate this spa treat at home. Just have to hope the other half would return the favour.

  • sueyou

    I would like these. They look really cute and warm
    Aroma Home Fuzzy Feet Slippers – Rudolph

  • Casper

    Mini chocolate fountain for me, that looks like fun and I do love chocolate…… A lady can never enough chocolate thats for sure…. I would be very happy eating chocolate, watching tv in my Slanket…

  • pieeater

    I’m torn! Our house is freezing so the Cow Aroma Home Hot Sox would be brilliant but think of all the ironing I’d get done if I had Richard the Ironing Board Cover! Yepp, I’d go for Richard, hours of fun there!

  • quincyg

    hmmm would have to be between the Stylophone (spent hours annoying my parents with that – until my mum bought herself a white one and we did duets!)

    or the Oggs…I do like things that light up!

  • hesketh

    I would love the Aroma Home Fuzzy Feet Slippers – Dog. They are so cute

  • jenni4402

    What a tough call, there’s so much fab stuff to choose from! After much deliberation, it would have to be the “Naughty But Nice Take Away Gift Box – Lip Gloss” set. So cute and would keep my lips kissable for Santa… 😉

  • helenwarrener

    i would most like the candle making kit as i love to sit in candle light it’s so romantic and it also saves on the electric bill so also eco friendly

  • emsiecov

    I’d love one of the Mood Beams – they’re so cute !!!

  • athenajm

    Too much choice, but I htink I’d go for the spa lights.

    Failing that the silver love heart cause it would be a good present to send to my fiance. Or the Nookii game for when we finally get to see each other again!!

  • lancashiretasty

    it would be a toss up with the digital photo frame as my father in law is a gadget freak who for some reason gets all smug about them..hes a big childish show off and id love to show it to him(cos its 1 gadget hes after) and say look what i got nah nah nah nah nah!!…he brings out the childish side of me day is always unbearable…on the other hand id love the finger drumkit as my 3 yr old is a little drummer boy and my partner bought him a full set of junior drums which are languishing in the cupboard as i was fearful of his small ear drums…he looks thru the slats on the door while looking hopefully at me while saying drums!! drums!!…my partner thinks im rotten for it..i just mention ozzy osbourne as an example of prolonged noise exposure!!

  • curly33

    I’d love my own Morph in my Christmas stocking. I love crafty things like that and it would keep me amused whilst all the old folks are having their after Christmas dinner snooze!!!

  • sian_raven

    I’d go for the chocolate pills… I never know when I’m going to need that kind of pick-me-up over the crimbo season!

  • pooterfreak

    I would like the Spider Catcher because I am terrified of the bloomin’ things, especially the big blighters. Even though disappointingly it doesn’t actually kill them.

    I wasn’t supposed to say that, was I? 😉

  • donna-marie

    I would love the deluxe makeover day (I could certianly do with one!)

  • Janetf

    The aroma hot sox. These would really keep my feet warm. I love to walk around with no shoes/slippers on but i get cramp in my feet due to the cold.

  • rosybear

    I would love the lavendar pink slanket! such a warm fluffy colour!

  • maidenrocks

    I would love to win the Sit On It Classic Beanbag as I could do with being able to totally kick back,relax and chill out after a hard shift at the hospital!

  • gaynorj

    I would like the Henry Hoover Desk Top Cleaner…. I love Henrys (better than Dyson any day!)

  • jojangles

    Aroma Home Hot Sox – Pink would be a nice find, for those cold toes when I can microwave my hot choccy and slippers, thats a lovely idea.

  • mally_cat

    I’d love the Momiji Christmas twinkle doll. I collect the Kokeshi Japanese dolls so she’d fit right in.

  • peggyros

    I would love the personalised CD – the story of the three little pigs -with my beautiful little granddaughter’s name recorded in the story. She loves stories, so to have her cuddled next to me listening to the CD and seeing her face when she hears her name as part of the story would be magic on Christmas morning! What a clever idea.

  • murraysj

    stylophone for kids something from the past I think they would love

  • andrealongman

    Floating Rose Bath Lights or Oidz -the choice is yours!

  • dynamicdragon75

    Whack-A-Bash Street Kid would be my perfect stocking filler… may help to keep my brain active (although that would take some doing) as well as helping relieve stress (in a fun ‘TAKE THAT!!!!) kind of way.
    Thanks Loquax and Prezzybox – the slanket looks fab!

  • forest6

    I’d buy my boyfriend the chocolate pills. I’m always telling him not to take so many headache pills and try to relax and wait for it to go. I always say he eats them like sweets so this would be fitting and he loves chocolate too.

    Lyndsey x

  • rea_milton

    The hot sox in cow print has my brother’s girlfriend’s name all over them. I was looking for something as a special xmas/thank you present for her, and she would love them. I’m going to use the discount! For me- the spider catcher! x

  • lizziebr

    Love the spider catcher, could catch a spider at arm’s length now. Still would rather call the OH though!!

  • MrsMonday

    The spider catcher so when my terrified daughter arrives asking me to remove a spider I will be able to do it with ease without hurting the spider and most importantly reducing the risk of revealing my total fear of spiders to her

  • mberwick

    Hot Chocolate Cocktail Maker! Hmmmmmmm!

  • wildchild

    The slanket looks ideal, actually: temperatures are dropping and the utility bills are going up…

  • dawnie999

    I’d like ANYTHING from Prezzybox for Xmas but if someone doesn’t buy me the silver Tipsy Feet, I’m gonna have to buy them myself!!!

  • Isis1981uk

    The Bath Bomb Factory – I spend hours in Lush admiring their bathbombs & wondering how they make them!

  • labazs

    if you were kind enough to let me win the slanket hint hint i would love the aroma hot sox so i would be snuggly all over! also i am sure you wouldnt want me to get cold doing your comps jason!!!

  • poshpaws

    It would have to be the Floating Rose Bath Lights for me – I have a pack already and they’re just so fabulous when they’re lit up that a girl can’t have too many of them in her home.

    Actually my husband likes them too: they’re really classy when lit and give a warm, bright glow that quite puts you in the mood … to relax, of course.

    I haven’t tried them in the bath, must do that soon!

  • lorenza

    I would love the Aroma Home Hot Sox. I always have cold feet and they would warm me up a treat!

  • davpurple

    I would love the aroma home fuzzy feet slippers rudolph as they look so warm and cosy and my feet are always freezing!!

  • jpatterson

    I would love the Sit on It Classic Beanbag

  • essexkit

    Sculpta Sutra!-if I had this in my stocking I would drop a hint that I would like to get in to my stockings!!ha ha 🙂

  • josie301

    I would most like to see the Aroma Home Hot Sox – Cow print, I love slippers and these look so comfortable and cosy.

  • roseh

    I like the idea of the microwaveable slippers – my poor feet get ever so cold.

  • Red Robin

    simpsons dougnut maker- my kids and me!!!! would love this

  • Beckno7

    I would love the eco button. I feel guilty every day about the state of the environment and have turned into a bit of an eco warrier of late. I recycle everything I can at home and make sure nothing is on standby etc. Work is another matter tho, I feel powerless to stop some of the crazy waste at the office. This would be my small contribution at work and hopefully my colleagues curiosity about the funny green button would prick their conscience too!!

  • pinklady123

    The ant box for me – it would brighten up my desk at work!

  • catz

    So many to choose from, but, it would have to be the Candle making Craft Kit as it’s something i have always wanted to try doing

  • Admira5

    I would love a Slanket – because then I could
    wear my favourite clothes on Christmas Day,
    under my Slanket and
    not get covered in birdy poo from Charlie my
    cockateil – that would be heaven – mind you
    two Slankets would be better – one to wear
    whilst the other is in the wash.

  • little_miss_haribo

    microwaveable slippers

  • tammy

    gelli baff my kids love it – they have fun and it gives me time to put up my feet relax and have a glass of wine. bliss

  • Emmasophie

    It would be the Mathmos Aduki Ni for me – I love the Mathmos items and have bought them as presents but have yet to own one myself. Thanks,

  • Pauline25

    Mini Winnies!! Sooooo Cute and I could share them too!!! my sister in law might get one! But the whole family would love these – in fact I may just go buy some!

  • penz

    I would love Aroma Home Hot Sox – Cow

    Great for keeping my feet warm whilst comping

  • jenn1

    The Hang-About Hammock, I reckon it would be good fun watching the kids try and get into this.

  • DarthPenguin

    I’d get the Jim’ll Fix It Soap On a Rope – never got my wish granted and used to be glued to the television every week!

  • tstockford

    It’s got to be the Henry Hoover Desk Top Cleaner…

  • Luciet79

    I would love to have a picooz micro helicopter for my hubby! Boys and their toys eh? He’s been going on about these for ages!

  • cath000

    Love the silver plated love heart and the Momiji Christmas Twinkle Doll, these are sooo cute xx

  • lornaj

    20Q would do for me. It always amazes me how it guesses what your thinking….. or maybe I’m easily amazed!!!!

  • cake17uk

    I’d love the Underwater Light Show – some great ideas here, was spoilt for choice!

  • prizes343

    the Compositor 7″ Digital Photo Frame is pretty neat

  • craigpatty101

    i would like to have these cool Mood Beams for my wifes office

  • manda39

    I`d go for Horrid Henry Best Practical Jokes Ever…so I could check them out first and be immune when littlun drives everyone nuts with it on xmas day…

  • Allyben


  • Murdo_M

    No contest! Micro Helicopter for me too!

  • beckslayer

    im a complete bathing and lounging queen so it would have to be one of the bath light gadgets, in particular id go for the Floating Rose Bath Lights, then i could bath and crawl into my slanket!

  • car01e

    its got to be the stonebake pizza oven. would save a fortune on pizzas!

  • nannyt

    if I can’t have the Slanket it would have to be the Hot Sox for me.

  • Scampbeast

    I would love the hot sox. I may be showing my age here but I loved the days when I would stay with my gran and sit toasting my feet at the coal fire. I always seem to have cold feet and these would be the perfect solution.

  • merdoom

    the Ecosphere, it looks so cool, and better by far than the sea monkeys i usually get!!

  • rai

    its got to be the tipsy feet – nice little foldable shoes to tuck in my handbag and save me from stacking it in my stilettos and getting scabby knees…..attractive. Not


    i love the slanket and want 1 4 xmas

  • haddockv

    I would love the Snow Magic – Tube, just my thing

  • enzina

    I’d like the spa lights

  • cpjw

    I’d love to get the Laser Cosmos – Laser Stars Projector.

  • Sue1867

    So many lovely things to choose from but I think I would go for the Giles & Posner Candy Floss Maker. I have ALWAYS wanted to ‘spin’ my own candy floss so this would be perfect – I might drop some hints for Christmas!

  • jgarratt

    Finger Drums! Despite being enthusiastic, I have no musical talent whatsoever so this is the closest I would get to the real thing.

  • rnmnrtd

    the 20Q which I could give to my partner it would be nice to know what she really thought for once in my life and perhaps save me some aggro

  • whiteknight

    Aroma home fuzzy feet dog slippers I just love them so much that I would share them with my grandaughter.

  • jester360

    Got to be the Aroma Home Warm Cuddles – Bear for me

  • morgana

    I would love the Moon Beams, they are so cute!

  • sasba

    Horrid Henry’s Mega Mischief Collection for my son, just imagine what he would be getting up to on christmas morning

  • jontywebbo

    I think I’d go for the helicopter, as it looks great fun for all the family!

  • spangly79

    I’d like the USB mix tape for some 80’s nostalgia mixed with some high tech gadgetry! Genius 😀

  • shell35

    I just love the slanket!!! It looks great for slouching in on a winters night!

  • donnalewis

    Hi i would love the Ecosphere cause wow it beautiful mind boggling and just pure breath taking

  • kelliec

    It would have to be the Mathmos Aduki Ni – I get mesmerised and can spend hours looking at the fibre optic christmas tree so with one of these mathmos lights I won’t have to wait until christmas – I can watch it all year round!

  • ELHicks

    I’d love the Wellbeing Solutions Hot Stone Therapy Pack

  • madwitch

    I would love to see the Joanna Zhou Momiji Doll – Sakura but since that’s unlikely I’ll just have to buy it for my daughter (she’d only steal it from me anyway)

  • ami1975

    I like the baby henry hoover for your desk. Our little boy has a tiny henry to match ours, so this seems like a must have 🙂

  • totallyaj

    I would like the floating bath lights as we have recently installed a new bathroom and it would help me chill out in the bath!

  • elaineadrian

    id like a glow brick to light up my life

  • jayanna

    I’d pick the Rainbow Maker.

  • ma6jrp

    Chocolate Brown

  • ma6jrp

    Hyperflex Super Mondo Stretch Ball

  • ericbmarsh

    Finger Drums…definitely.

  • jguicha

    race cups for me they would bring hours of amusement in my house

  • jiveribbles

    I’d like some moodbeams please

  • denmort

    i’d love the stylophone, i had one as a child and i’m sure i could still play a tune, denise x

  • hellcat30

    I would love the Momiji Christmas Twinkle Doll as i saw these on holiday and it was my birthday, but despite all my hints, i didn’t get one. Although my lovely daughter did buy me a birthday card from the collection.

  • magsn

    It would have to be the Hotsox – my feet are permantly freezing so any help there would be most welcome!

  • coolblonde

    Id love the momiji Christmas twinkle doll as ive got lots of juicy secrets that im not ment to tell anyone and keep gettin into trouble when i do. I can tell the doll instead haha.

  • annaling

    I’d love the candlemaking craft kit – looks fab!

  • kmorris

    Would love the Mini Chocolate Fountain – a bit of fun and luxury for the whole family 🙂

  • DianeA

    Would have to be the ‘Tipsy Feet’ – after christmas eve the rest of me will already be tipsy !!



  • fraoch

    Cow Hot Sox Feet Warmers would be my choice, they match my breakfast sets!

  • kcmankell

    PicooZ Tandem Z-1 R/C 3 Channel Helicopter would be ideal as a stocking filler, and hopefully not too much of a challenge to control. If this is too exotic I would settle easily for the PicooZ Micro Helicopter. “I wish !”

  • bill.gould

    In these days of large fuel bills, it’s definately the Aroma Home Hot Sox Feet Warmers for me!

  • vegasyears

    I would choose the ‘Youdo Doll’. I saw it on the Dragons Den and i thought the idea was great and the girl that designed them definitely sold it to me. She is doing dogs now and the dad in our house is getting one in his stocking this year.

  • straysuzi

    I would love the “Rainbow Maker” as soon as i saw it i wanted one as it brought back memories of my favourite film as a child – Pollyanna

    I think we could all do with playing the “Glad Game” again these days.


    It wold have t be the dougnut maker, Mmmmmmmmmmm Doughnuts

  • sninkle

    the fun ironing board covers – awesome!

  • jenny22

    I would love the Chocolate First Aid Box in my stocking – I’m sure that will cure my Christmas hangover 🙂

  • moggymom

    The electronic crossword gadget is my choice as I trave to work on the bus and it would save carrying a book or paper, it would fit nicely in my handbag.

  • kaiseroo16

    Aroma Home Hot Sox Feet Warmers – Pink my feet are always cold and anything to heat them up and make me more relaxed the better

  • Liberty2

    I would choose The finger drums for my husband as I promised him a new drum kit. Well, that’s the credit crunch for you!

  • levans

    The Spider Catcher – I’m terried of them but don’t like to kill them!

  • max2304

    I would choose the Pub Quiz a great game for everyone on christmas day.

  • Debcomps

    i would like the mini chocolate fountain!

  • impulse

    stylophone – i remember this as a kid, don’t think i had one, but one of my friends must have had one as i remember playing with it.

  • jools4u

    I would chose the small round Ecosphere, i think it is an very unusal gift to and would give hours of pleasure.

  • angiehoggett

    I’d choose the NuVue 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame so I can admire my photography constantly!

  • D4VVN

    I just loved the mood beams. With five children they would be fabulous and easily a different one for each of them.

  • Chezzal

    would have to be chocolate first aid box, being in a family of St John ambulance members, we all need that extra special piece of kit to keep us going on busy duties

  • gillilandstacy

    salt and pepper huggers

  • pieman007

    Would have to be the sylophone for me………do u know what it is yet?

  • corkk

    the slanket would be perfect for winter nights ( preferably teamed with the chocolate fountain, and a glass of personalised champagne)

  • hedobaby

    Definatly the chocolate pills! Thats one pill i would love to be prescribed! 🙂

  • dkmeyers

    Has to be Henry Hoover Desk Top Cleaner, just can’t beat Henry!

  • bdavies

    I liked quite a lot of them but I think the Hot Sox gift is fab

  • tommyarmouriii

    I’d pick the Spider Catcher for my wife…and a fake tarantula for her to test it out with!! 🙂

  • webkin

    Henry Hoover Desk Top Cleaner – my desk needs a bit of a hoover 🙂

  • ickleun

    I would have to pick the Salt & Pepper Lovers, I love adding flavour to my meals and these are so cute, they would look ace in my lovenest!

  • dowster1

    a sat nag for all those boring drivers that don’t know where their going

  • penny_mum

    I’d love to see the Personalised Calendar in my Christmas Stocking. What a great way to make Christmas last a whole year!

  • herbertdog

    It would have to be the hangout hammock. Gives a chances to think about hot sunny days – which in the absence of a slanket – helps to keep you warm!!

  • buzzlightbeer

    I’d go for the Stylophone. I always wanted one as a kid and of course never got one. I still remember Rolf Harris advertising them on the telly.

    Yes I’m that old!!!!


  • brian162

    Salt & Pepper Lovers romantic and useful a rare combination.